Holy Heart

Sagrado Corazón

Anastacia Velasco and her now husband Delfino Nuñez give thanks for their wedding went overall well.

Mexico, October 10, 1968

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Felix Orozco gives infinite thanks to the Holy Heart because the bat-woman didn’t suck my blood out. She was very horrible but you saved me.

Oaxaca, 1943

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So, almost at 12 at night, Katrina appeared to me on the highway. She asked for a ride. Before such a horrifying scene, I entrusted myself to the Holy Heart of Jesus, and it helped me. Katrina immediately disappeared bursting with laughter. This retablo is in gratitude.

Tito Martinez

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Victoriano Perez dedicates this retablo because I loved to dance with my pig but she stepped on my callus.

Puebla, September 5, 1940

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Marcos Urieta’s wife cheated on him with his friend. He did nothing to those two but threw them out naked in the street.

Mexico, 1979

Some creatures from far away visited us, and also another snake being saved us.

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Luisa Mendez thanks the Holy Heart for becoming friends with the giant frog.

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Cipriano Ramos came home after working all day and wanted to make love but he saw that his wife Adelita Perez had a skeleton face. I got scared so much, I implored the Holy Heart.

Monterrey, 1972

Maria Perez gives thanks because the flying saucer wanted to abduct me but I invoked the Holy Heart, and it saved me.

Celaya, 1913

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We were visited by unrest souls. Thanks they only came to give us good advices.

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We ask the Holy Heart to look after us because we live in a very strange town.

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Epifanio Calles gives thanks with this retablo because Evangelina Lopez, the most chubby girls of the neighborhood, responded to my love, and I thank.

Mexico, February 14, 1962

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I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus for giving me tenacity and strength to win over my opponent in the fight for the national title. Also, I thank for letting me and Broncas come out safe from the fight to go on with the most beautiful sport.

Blue Demon, Toreo, 1977

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