Holy Heart

Sagrado Corazón

I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus for giving me tenacity and strength to win over my opponent in the fight for the national title. Also, I thank for letting me and Broncas come out safe from the fight to go on with the most beautiful sport.

Blue Demon, Toreo, 1977

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I, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, pay with this exvoto to the holy Heart giving infinite thanks for I’m such a whore and live crazy and don’t care what the people say.

Macuspana, 1982

The present retablo serves to express my gratitude to the Virgin of San Juan for saving me from the fire at my land caused by that son of a bitch Holy Heart.

May 18, 1979

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On our way back from the town of Carrizo del Valle, I decided to take a rest with my children Maria and Lucas. Suddenly we heard a loud noise and saw that the donkey that carried the provision fell from the cliff. We ran to help him, we pulled the rope as strong as we could but the donkey was too heavy. I felt that my strength oozed away, and I prayed the Holy Heart of Jesus. And the donkey managed to come up safe and sound.

Julia Rivas
Puebla, 1958

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I thank the Holy Heart for such a great good deed. I was on a trip to the Skull island in the Pacific looking for new species. There we caught an incredible huge ape called King Kong. We took him to New York to show to the people but he escaped leaving deaths and destruction. He grabbed me, without hurting me, and took me with him to the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. He was shot down, and my life was saved.

New York, 1934

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The Lopez family reveres the Holy Heart of Jesus beaus it healed them from all illnesses.

Saltillo, Mx., 1988

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Panfilo Hurtado was in the field when a very horrible monster appeared to him and wanted to abduct him. But he prayed the Holy Heart and was saved.

Michoacan, 1936

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Blessed Heart, I give thanks to you for giving a second chance to live to this woman after she was stabbed. An evil client who was drunk attacked her and left het badly wounded in a hotel room in Merced, Mexico City.

A. V. R. — May 2016

I was bathing with my monkey, then the Bony came to the bathroom, and we chased her out for being too nosy.

Mexico, August 28, 1979

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Maria Antonieta Garcia earns her living by selling her body at the streets of the Mexico City in order to support her children since she was left by her husband. She asks the Holy Heart of Jesus to look after and protect her in this miserable but honest job she’s destined to.

December 1960

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The story of my life, passion, fear and faith.

Mil Mascaras, Mexico, 1989

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Holy Heart of Jesus, look after my house, my family, kids, trees, my friends, the prostitute, the crazy ones, the miserable ones.

April 21, 1963

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December 18, 1972, in Monterrey, I was fighting for the national championship. After two falls, I was feeling I couldn’t do it. But my faith in the Holy Heart gave me strength to win over my opponent. I wholeheartedly thank with this retablo.

Blue Demon, 1973

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