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When I watched the movie “From dusk till dawn” I completely fell in love with Salma Hayek after seeing her dancing with the snake. She became my platonic love. With this retablo, I thank the Saint James the Apostle because after many year of admiring her I finally could see her in person on a red carpet of one of her films. Few minutes I spent near her was the most marvelous moment of my life.

Francisco Ortiz \ Mexico City

My husband got a job in Veracruz, and we moved to live in a wild place full of various animals and rattlesnakes. But the worst were the monkeys. When they came down from the trees to drink water they stole laundry. I was desperate. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband got another job and we moved back to the civilization.

Graciela Beltran went to visit her aunt. When she got back two days later she found out that her house was invaded by lizards, snakes and even an iguana. The reptiles were walking freely around the sitting-room, kitchen, bedroom, they were sitting in the bathroom, some of them even got in her bed. Graciela was in despair and had no idea how to get rid of those creatures. When she threw one of them out, more of these crawled back to her house. She implored the Virgin of Zapopan, and the Virgin got rid of them very quickly. Who knows where she led them, but they were gone and left the house.

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Raquel Garcia was cleaning in a serpentarium, and a snake bit her hand. With fervent devotion, she thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for she received medical help in time.

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It hadn’t rained for few years, and our lands were dry. We and our goats had to eat nopal cactuses and prickly pears, and the dogs fed themselves with lizards and snakes. The Virgin of Guadalupe finally listened to our prayers, and this year abundant rains have come to us. The land is blooming, and we have a lot of vegetables and corn. We thank for this abundance.

The other day, I was riding my horse El Rayo (The Lightning), when a rattlesnake came out from rocks and scared my horse very much. I thank Saint Philomena for I was able to control my horse that was very nervous, and didn’t fell, and avoided the danger.

Cayetano Hernandez
Durango, Durango

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The girl Carmelita Solares was riding her horse. Suddenly the animal reared up by seeing a horned vipers and the girl fell down. Her parents thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for nothing happened to her at the fall, and the viper didn’t bite her nor the horse. They offer this retablo as gratitude.

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Thanks for everything.

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for I didn’t go blind after being beaten by a rattlesnake.

Orcinda Leadro Curreia
Ibimirin, Pernambuco

A pretty big black viper came to Saturnino Cardoso, and the horse almost threw me off. I thank.

October 23, 1938

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. One hot summer morning, we went for a picnic in the state of Michoacan. While my wife was preparing some food, I was wetting my legs in the river. Then I felt a horrible pain. I was stung by a venomous snake. My wife promptly put me in the car and drove to a doctor office. Miraculously, I was saved. I entrusted myself to the Holy Child and now thank him.

Lucio Mora, 1957

My daughter Laura is a real beauty but when she got angry she cursed like a sailor. I was so ashamed and embarrass for her, I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan. One day my daughter was about to curse but instead there were frogs, snakes and little devils falling out of her mouth. Now she speaks rather cautiously, chasing the right words and trying to speak politely. I thank the Virgin for this miracle.

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Macaria Soto thanks for saving her donkey from the bite of a viper beaus the donkey has a perfect vision and saw the snake and killed it with her hoof. She thanks for that with this picture.

Zimapan, Hidalgo, 1952

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