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I, Elias, give thanks because I lived in depression and sin. I ended up at the cemetery where I came to visit my dead aunt Nola and uncle Naldo. That day I cried, I cut my arms, I crawled on the graves and start drinking. At that moment, I begged them to help me to quit my vices. Suddenly serpents came out of my chest. Since that day I felt relieved after 8 years of addiction. Now I’m a new person. Thanks for the favor, aunt Nolfa and uncle Naldo.

I, Elias Olea
San Bernardo, Stgo, July 2021

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Some creatures from far away visited us, and also another snake being saved us.

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The girl Luisa walked around with her drum, and the vipers dance and whirl. Look after her, Virgin.

We went to the town to baptize our boy. The bus broke down and we had to ride horses. On our way back a viper scared my horse, it reared up, and my baby flew up in the air. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan he fell right into the arms of my husband who rode behind me. Nothing happened to the baby, he didn’t even got scared because he thought we were just playing. I give infinite thanks for this miracle.

A horned viper was about to bite my children when they were playing, but thanks to the Virgin they noticed it in time and managed to escape.

Señor Dionicio gives thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for saving him from dying after a dangerous fall from his horse on his way back home when the horse was scared of a viper and threw him off. Now he thanks because he’s alright.

March 15, 1987, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Artemio Mendosa brings this retablo thanking the Virgin of San Juan for protecting him from the bullets of a peon and playing a dirty trick on himself instead because he was killed by a venomous viper.

Puebla, 1908

My son Aurelio rode the horse whenever he had free time. But on August 4, 1958, an accident happened. The horse got scared of a viper and my son fell head down. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for he didn’t die nor become crazy, and recovered quickly.

When Aurora Valdez was dancing with her snake, it squeezed her so strongly her bones crackled.

Veracruz, November 11, 1944

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Boy Arnulfo Fernandez fell into a pit full of snakes. His mother thanks Saint Nicholas for nothing bad happened.

Tehuacan, 1945

Tired of gathering wood, Antonia Flores fell asleep. It happened so that a very venomous viper was about to bite her but Our Lady Virgin of San Juan sent her angels to wake Antonia up, and she could escape from the animal. She give infinite thanks to the Holy Virgin for this miracle.

I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas with this retablo for Adrienne Barbeau’s talent and beauty. Also, I thank him for keeping her safe during a difficult film shooting in the swampy waters full of snakes and insects.

Fernando Rivera — Mexico City

Angelica X was a stripper, and she liked to perform with a boa. But one day it almost choked her. She thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for she was saved in time and promises to leave this profession.