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Juaquina Coyotzi brings this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon showing her gratitude because he adds a great taste to her chiles en nogada.

Puebla, 1917

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One night in the month of May, I was preparing meal to celebrate my wedding anniversary. I decided to make a tortilla soup, although I didn’t know how to cook it. Some time later I didn’t know should I let the soup boil any longer or not. When I lost my hope, I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal Baylon. In his infinite mercy, he enlightened me, and I managed to prepare the soup by leaving it boil just the right time.

Sandra Perez, Mexico City, 2015

In Quiroga, Michoacan, October 23, 1947, the boy Jaime Sanchez was playing at the kitchen and stabbed his own hand with a knife. His parents thank Saint Paschal for the boy could recover, after having a great shock. They offer the present retablo.

The Sanchez family

Morelia, Michoacan, 1953. When my husband got retired, he started to cook in order to occupy himself. He cooked so terribly, that we all had a stomach-ache. I was scared that he’d poison all of us. Thanks to Blessed Saint Paschal, my husband finally got bored with cooking and dedicated himself to gardening. I offer this retablo.

My Mother of Sorrows, for your infinite Sorrow, so that this fish I’m cooking would have a good taste.

Chef Abascal

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Cayetana Pantoja was cooking mole at the kitchen, when a dog ran chasing a cat and overthrew the pot with boiling mole on her legs. Through this retablo, she thanks Saint Paschal because the burns were minors.

Puebla, 1925

My mother-in-law always criticized my food because she didn’t like me as a daughter-in-law. It was very difficult for me when we were eating. I was in such despair so I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal. Little by little she changed her attitude towards me. Now she even admits that I cook very well, and we live in holy peace. May you be blessed.

Venustiana Tlachi

Chignahuapan, Puebla

It happened with Cayetana Rodriguez, when she was making tortillas and was sitting naked, a rat climbed on her breast and bit her tit. She implored Saint Paschal and her titty was healed for which she gives proper thanks with this retablo.

Puebla, 1915

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I was frying my garnachas and got burnt, but thanks to Saint Paschal I recovered.

Lulu Cañas

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A nun sister Juaquina de Maria de Jesus brings this retablo thanking Saint Paschal Baylon because the bishop liked her chiles en nogada that she prepared for his birthday and now she works [for him].

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I decided to put offerings for my late wife on the Day of the Dead and prepared her favorite dishes. On that night I heard someone calling me. When I came to the kitchen I saw that it was my wife telling me off because the food was too salty. I thank God for it was only one time that night when I saw my grumpy wife again because she was unbearable in real life.

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Gudelia Gutierrez was caught by her mistress while trying food with her hands. She thanks Saint Paschal for she wasn’t fired, although they scolded her so harshly they made her cry.

Mexico, 1925

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Thanks to you I could escape from my old lady who wanted to beat me. I just said that her food lacked salt, and she went mad. Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe.

Victor, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1969