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I dedicate the present retablos to the Virgin of the Solitude for saving our lives, when we were struck by a lightning, and the deck got on fire, and we were under the threat of shipwreck. We implored to save our lives, and, since we were saved, we now dedicate this retablo.

Capitan Medina
August 22, 1928, Veracruz

Thank you, White Girl, for hearing my prayers and not letting my tacos stand to perish. I also thank the firemen squad for helping the people and for holding on during their job.

El Pelotas

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I got an idea to put rose petals and candles in the bedroom to revive the flame of passion with my wife. But I didn’t calculate it well and put the candles too close to the curtain, and it caught on fire. I thank Saint Jude for I managed to put out the fire before the entire house was burned up.

Roman Castañeda ~ Guaymas, Sonora

I give due thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon, because my kitchen almost got burnt when I threw tomatoes to the boiling lard. It produced fire was so huge that even my cat was frozen with fear. I thank for nothing serious happened at the end and the sauce even turned out to be very good.

Carmen G. Batta / Nepantla

Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin of Calendaria, we are thankful. Our house got on fire, and our grandmother stayed inside. Thanks to the Virgin’s help, the firemen arrived in time to save my granny.

Zacatecas 26–2–1935
Roberta and Minerva Cuevas

Juan Puntes thanks to St. Francis for the fact that when he was walking and suddenly the local idiots began to burn plastic, Marat Guelman took him home. He did not inhale the poison.

Montenegro, 2015

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I wanted to add more realism to my character from the pastorale, and I had an idea to put more flares. By accident, I put the tail of my costume on fire. I thank the Lord of Chalma for one of my companions acted fast and found an extinguisher. If not I would have got all burned because everybody was thinking it was part of our performance.

Cirilo Reyes, Mexico City

Thanks, Virgin, for the miracle of saving me and my son during a fire at my house.

Maria Sanchez, 7–Nov–70

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James Eddy gives infinite thanks to his friends and family for helping him rebuild after the great fire.

Sausalito, California, July 2020

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Adriano Castillo, the guitarist of the rock band “The Black Cats”, got his hair on fire at the end of a gig when the sparklers at the end of his guitar exploded. He was very frightened. He thanks Saint Augustine for his face didn’t burn and he just lost part of his full head of hair.

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

The present retablo serves to express my gratitude to the Virgin of San Juan for saving me from the fire at my land caused by that son of a bitch Holy Heart.

May 18, 1979

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Holy Virgin Mary, a neighbor wanted to revenge for the noise and set a building where I lived on fire. Thank you very much, Holy Virgin, for saving my piano from this terrible fire.


I was teaching my daughter to cook because she was about to get married. We were chatting and didn’t notice that we had left such a strong flame that the kitchen got on fire. I was very upset and implored Saint Paschal for help. I found a pot with water and splashed it avoiding a much bigger fire. I fervently thank for that.

Refugio Camacho ~ Puebla

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