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I’m infinitely grateful to my patron saint Saint George for delivering me from dying at this horrible accident that happened in Durango. The plane I was traveling on to the Mexico City collapsed and got on fire at the moment of impact. I implored to him to save me from such a danger, and now I thank for this favor.

July 31, 2018, Durango, Mexico

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The stripper Eugenia Robledo got her hair on fire during a magic act. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for her injures have been healed and there are no marks left.

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I have no idea how corn devils came to my kitchen. They began to cause mischief, they broke plates and pans, spilled the oil and even overflowed the fire of the stove putting us in a danger. We prayed to San Pascual Baylon for help, and the saint sent us a beautiful black cat. As the devils are afraid of cats, they ran away when they saw it. Now the cat lives in the kitchen, and the devils won’t approach it anymore.

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Aurelio Madero, the bassist of the rock band “The Guerrillas of Rock”, got his hair on fire at the end of a gig when the sparklers at the end of his guitar exploded. He was very frightened. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for his face didn’t burn and he just lost his full head of hair.

Tecate, Baja California

May 13, 1962, the Rios Medina’s house got on fire. The family thanks the Virgin of San Juan for nobody was hurt and offer this retablo.

San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco

There was a fire in the circus. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because there was a horse tied to near me, so I rode it and escaped from the fire carrying my children. We went through the flames without burning ourselves. Nobody died in the fire, we just lost our materials, but the circus has an insurance which will cover it.

My kitten Pepe is my only company because I didn’t marry and have no kids. That’s why, the other day when we had a fire in the building, I was very much preoccupied since I was outside and couldn’t get in and save him. I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for a brave firefighter risked his own life to save my kitten who is everything for me. May he be blessed.

Socorro Montejo
Zacatecas, Mexico

I dedicate this retablo to the always Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. The Night of the Dead, I was glad I’d been able to collect some money to put up my altar with lot of offerings, including even mole and pulque. At the last moment, a sparkle fell on me and I was taken by fire immediately, but thanks to the Virgin’s intervention nothing happened.

Eulalia Garcia

I was teaching my daughter to cook because she was about to get married. We were chatting and didn’t notice that we had left such a strong fire and the pan with the wild beans was burning and put the kitchen on fire. We implored Saint Paschal Baylon’s help. We could put out the fire with a vase of water. Nothing serious happened and I thank for that.

Ignasia Romero
Zacatlan, Puebla, 1949

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for extinguishing my burning house.

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My daughter Evelia and I were chatting and forgot that we left a pot with mole on the stove. Meanwhile, we went to the market for turkey, and when we were back, we saw that the pan had been completely burnt and the mole strengthened the fire. It almost burnt our kitchen. We prayed Saint Paschal for help and began to extinguish the fire with the pot with water which miraculously was near to us. We thank the saint for helping us and promise to not be so careless.

Apolonia Tlachi
Zacatlan, 1946

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I wanted to add more realism to my character from the pastorale, and I had an idea to put more flares. By accident, I put the tail of my costume on fire. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for one of my companions acted fast and found an extinguisher. If not I would have got all burned because everybody was thinking it was part of our performance.

Carmelo Rodriguez
Toluca, State of Mexico

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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. My wife went for shopping. I was waiting for her and fell asleep in the hammock. At my sleep I felt heat. When I opened my eyes there was fire all around the house. I ran to the well for water but it was too late—our house was made of wood. I’m sure it was my wife’s stepbrother. He was going all angry ever since my father-in-law gave us his lands.

Felipe Hernandez
Tabasco, Mexico