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Federico Ramos got the lead role in a theatre play. He thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo and promises to do his best.

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I wanted to add more realism to my character from the pastorale, and I had an idea to put more flares. By accident, I put the tail of my costume on fire. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for one of my companions acted fast and found an extinguisher. If not I would have got all burned because everybody was thinking it was part of our performance.

Carmelo Rodriguez
Toluca, State of Mexico

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Francis of Paola because at my debut night in the Savoy theatre I was frightened that there was no one in the audience. But it turned out that a very famous producer Andres M*ta bought up all tickets to my show and I had to perform only for him. Don Andres promised me that I’ll be a star and would have a tremendous success.

Yessica Mendoza was hired to act in a play where she had to go on stage naked. She thanks Saint Marta for overcoming her fear, and now in fact the play is very successful.

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