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I thank the Holy Cross because we were drinking on its holiday and thanks to that we avoided the metro accident.

Maik, 3/5/21

~ Mexico City Metro overpass collapse

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We found a headless dove without blood on the set. It wasn’t a witchcraft but an extraterrestrial Peruvian chupacabra that drowned in the lake afterwards. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Genesius for saving our play.

Kumiko Aparicio Bilchir ~ Xochimilco, 2020

I thank Saint Roch for protecting me from the Chinese flu and the doctors who take fluid from knees.

Citi of Mejico ~ 17-8-2020

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I pray to the Virgin of Zapopan, please take good care of my cat because he likes to sleep in the garden and I’m afraid that one night the aliens will take him away.

June 2020

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I thank Saint Anthony for sending me the sugar daddy which I asked for. Though I wish he could find me a bearded one who would be much higher, handsome and not divorced.

Mexico City, 2018
Alison Saldibar

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