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I thank the Holy Heart for such a great good deed. I was on a trip to the Skull island in the Pacific looking for new species. There we caught an incredible huge ape called King Kong. We took him to New York to show to the people but he escaped leaving deaths and destruction. He grabbed me, without hurting me, and took me with him to the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. He was shot down, and my life was saved.

New York, 1934

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Rogelio Dominguez fell a victim of a crazy maniac who fell in love with me in the office and tricked me to get to his house where he tied and beat me.

Mexico, March 19, 1987

Señor Antonio Ontiveros and his wife thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for saving their lives from being abducted by martian flying saucers on June 15, 1964.

The martians left them naked and converted them in jaguars. They thank the martians and the Virgin because they traveled around the world, met a lot of people and made money. The Jaguars of Michoacan.

We dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan because my son Adrian wasn’t kidnapped thanks to a black stray dog that defended him when they wanted to take him.

Grateful family
Tacubaya, Mexico, January 6, 2015

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I pray to the Virgin of Zapopan, please take good care of my cat because he likes to sleep in the garden and I’m afraid that one night the aliens will take him away.

June 2020

Castulo Ramirez brings this retablo to the Heart giving thanks because you delivered me from a woman from outer space who wanted to take me with her to the sky and have some kids, but you saved me.

Otumba, 1932

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because I prayed to you so you could liberate us from all the plagues in 2020, and the presidents Trump and Bolsonaro were abducted by an UFO. Now there is only COVID-19 left.

I’ve been abducted several times to extract genetic information from me because they need hybrids to populate the Earth. But I entrusted myself to Saint Michael the Archangel, and the aliens left me in peace.

Tepoztlan, Mexico
Jaime Martinez

Beings from another world were carrying the cow. Thanks for they couldn’t.

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1945, passing by the hills of Cholula, a flying saucer came down, a martian tried to abduct my old man. I prayed Saint Charbel, and he gave me courage to save my old man. I’m very thankful.


Fortunately, I was’t in my boat when these mermaids tried to abduct me. I thank Saint Mary.

Yucatan, 1951

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One day I was doing laundry on the river and fell asleep. Suddenly I was awoken by my dog barking, and I saw some martians trying to tie me up and take me to their ship. I started screaming. The extraterrestrials got scared and ran away leaving me. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my dog woke me up in time and, I think, even bit one of those martians.

My pig was abducted by extraterrestrials. They kept it for three days. Thanks for it came back safely.