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Pascual Ramirez thanks the Holy Face of God for his wife Petra Soto didn’t see him when she converted into a martian because she scared me very much.

Coyoacan, 1979

Rosaura Morales pays with this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because when I converted into mermaid I didn’t hurt my family, and I pay for that with this.

Michoacan, 1917

Señor Antonio Ontiveros and his wife thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for saving their lives from being abducted by martian flying saucers on June 15, 1964.

The martians left them naked and converted them in jaguars. They thank the martians and the Virgin because they traveled around the world, met a lot of people and made money. The Jaguars of Michoacan.

All the kids turned into animals. Thanks to the Virgin they came back to their normal state.

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When I discovered that my boyfriend is a nagual who can turn into different animals I got scared. I was about to leave him. I thank Saint Francis because he helped me to realize that being different doesn’t make a person better or worse but just different. When I suddenly understood it my boyfriend turned into a giant cat.

My son’s godfather used to turn into a werewolf during the full moon because he had been bitten by one. When his wife got sick and I had to visit her every night, I took a lot of sausages and stakes so the werewolf wouldn’t attack us. Thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary he did never bite me nor my son.