Holy Face of God

Divino Rostro

Pascual Diaz was in the mountains, and some very drunk skeletons appeared to him. They tried to take him with them. But I implored the Holy Face, and you saved me.

Chihuahua, 1942

Holy Face of God, deliver us from the evil and to not make us suffer. Lord Jesus Christ, bless my house, my family, my kids and all houses in the world.

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Octavio Martinez thanks the Holy Face because his neighbor didn’t notice him with his wife and didn’t kill him for that. Octavio and the neighbor’s wife swear that this will never happen again.

May 10, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico

Holy Face, I thank you for your favors. They said that the abandoned house is so scary because they hanged one man there at the time of the Mexican revolution. I didn’t believe it until one day I got so frightened that my body was paralyzed. I went home and fell off the horse. I had a small heart attack. I give infinite thanks for I managed to save myself from death.

Jaime Moreno
Monterrey, Mexico, 1958

Thank you, Holy Face, for saving me from a demon.


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I thank the Holy Face of Acapulco for I killed my husband and they did nothing to me for that.

Maria Reyes
December 17, 1990

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I have to thank the “Divine Face” because I look exactly kill the famous actor Brad Pitt.

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The Holy Face of God, I thank you for keeping alive all the Mexicans who participated in the Vietnam war. November 1, 1955, the conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam began. US sent the general William Westmoreland over there. The war ended on April 30, 1975.

Mexico City, 1976

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I offer this retablo to the Holy Face of Jesus for helping me to get married and escape from my house, where, after my mother’s death, my stepfather tried to take liberties with me. I asked you to meet a good man who would love me. I’m happy with my husband now, and I thank you for that.

Teodora Mejia
May 5, 1944

Cristoforo Buendia got furious because Lupe disregarded his wedding proposal. He shot Juana because she didn’t force Lupe to love him. Juana was wounded to death, but she swore to respect her daughter’s decision, even if she would be killed for it. Now Juana is out of danger. She offers this retablo to the Holy Face of God.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan, 1935

We thank the Holy Face of God because we returned home after five days in the sea. We suffered shipwreck because of a terrible storm that caught us in the open sea. We entrusted ourselves to the Holy Face, and now we tell about the miracle that happened when we were counted as dead.

August 22, 1935
Juan Tovar & Pancho Trueno
Matamoros, Tamaulipas

I thank the Holy Face. When the brakes didn’t work on a winding road, you helped us. Guillermo Dominguez pays for it with this retablo.

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I was repairing the roof of the house. I stumbled and fell off the ladder right on the stump. It had a splinter that went through my stomach. I prayed to The Holy Face of God and asked for a relief. I got better and recovered from this deadly wound. Lorenzo Garcia dedicates this ex-voto.

Pachuca, Hidalgo
Holy week, 1956