Isabel Hernández Velázquez

I give infinite thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel for having worked a miracle of delivering me from the clutches of the vice of drugs. Every day I hallucinated that a demon abused my body, and the fear I felt made me take stronger drugs because I couldn’t control myself.

Zulema Buenrostro
San Miguel de Allende, Gto., 1979

October 10, 2004, I was celebrating my 15th birthday. We were all very happy and it was a blast—the cake, the toast and my dance partner who was my prince charming. With this retablo, I give thanks to Saint Alexis and to the Divine Face of God from Tlaxpana for helping me so no one noticed that I was pregnant and my parents didn’t find out until later that, besides stopping be a little girl, I also stopped being a maiden.

Silvia Yanet Rosas
Jalacingo, Veracruz, 2006

Pancracio Arcos was obsessed with buying magazines with poor women—those who can’t even buy them clothes so they pose naked. He was scared seeing that all his salary goes into this and asked Sain Expeditus for help. He stopped buying them, and now he’s buying Power Rangers magazines instead.

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Rosito Lagaretta had a stomachache after eating his mother-in-law’s soup. He didn’t know she had tried to kill him and had poisoned the soup. When he found out about it, he asked Saint Cyprian for helping him get rid of his mother-in-law. One day she had a party and poisoned the orgeat syrup. But she was a fool to not know that Rosito doesn’t drink anything but beer. His mother-in-law and her daughter got drunk at the party and when they got thirsty they drank all the orgeat.

Now my wife rests in peace. I thank for her mother kicked the bucket alongside with her because I couldn’t stand her. She was treating me very badly.


“The Treasure” Laura Leon thanks because her album was a hit. Thank you, my precious! For everything, I own to you and to the God who helped me so much in my career.

Mexico City, 2008

We thank Saint Charbel for the miracle. We were permitted to adopt Jocelito, two months old. My beloved Pamela always dreamt about us being parents, so now we’re happy beyond all measure.

Pamela & Cipriano Cejuda
Mexico City — June 15, 2010

I thank Saint Charnel for saving me when the cords of my parachute broke while I was practicing extreme sports with my friend La Chequio at Valle de Bravo.

Toluca, 1994
Barbara Pietrasanta

I thank Saint Cyprian because he helped me to bewitch Quinberly Esmid. I, being very ugly, gave her a potion given to me by a sorcerer from Catemaco. She fell in love with me and now she’s my wife.

Lamberto Ferreira de los Monteros
Chichimequillas, Guanajuato, 1969

We thank you, Saint Sebastian, for the miracle to unite our lives before the law on March 4, 2010.

Gorge Guapillo & Benito Perez

1975, I met Senaido. I fell in love with his beautiful smile. I didn’t know he was a masochist, and I fell under his charm. But he began to torture me, every day. I bring this retablo to Saint Jude Thaddeus thanking him because Senaido deposit beat me anymore.

Aramis Beltran
Arandas, Jalisco