Saint Sebastian

San Sebastián

We thank Saint Sebastian for making our relationship official before the society, without hiding it anymore, and for living it with happiness that we both wished for.

Luisa and Ana
Col. Condeza, Oct. 2016

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Cheerful tourist from Spain arrived in Niksic. He saw that gentlemen hugging each other on the street. He decided that he was in a gay-friendly town. Now he thanks Saint Sebastian for the fact that, having decided to clarify this issue, he assidently met some Russian guy Vova from Bar and asked him, instead of some Montenegrin.


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They didn’t accept me in the village for being gay. So I decided to go to the city. But I had no money, and I didn’t know anyone there. I thank Saint Sebastian who send good people on my path. They give me food and shelter. Although I had to devote myself to prostitution for several years, thanks to that I managed to do surgery and also paid my studies. Now I lead a quiet life, I had a good job and enjoy my identity as a woman.

Saint Sebastian, I thank you because I’m alright now after that tremendous beating a client gave me when he realized that I’m not a woman. He dragged me naked out of the hotel and whacked me. In that mortal danger, I implored you begging to save my life.

Armando “La Paola”
Tlalpan, Mexico City, May 12, 2000

I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian and dedicate him this retablo for the miracle that Ray moved to live with me, and I’m on cloud nine with him. When he was thinking to go abroad, I though I’d never see him again. I implored you, because we love each other, and he decided to stay here. I will support him in everything because he understands me and I understand him. We are happy and live for each other.

Mexico City, February 14, 1968

Miraculous Saint Sebastian, I ask you to make my husband pay me more attention so I wouldn’t have to release my desires with other men.

Janet Osorio

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We dedicate this retablo to Saint Sebastian the martyr who saved us and our little house during a flood on the Chiapa river.

The Cruz family

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Glorious Saint Sebastian, deliver me from evil.

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We thank Saint Sebastian for we met and live happily as a couple, and were able to make our relationship official to the society without hiding from it, because we love each other as we are and who cares what we do.

Sofia & Rubi
Polanco, Mexico City, 2007

Saint Sebastian, thank you for my family, for they are so kind, cool and awesome guys who respect and support my decisions. Bless them so they could keep on celebrating this joy with me.

Oscar Espinosa Garcia
Mexico City, November 10, 2017

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To Saint Sebastian the martyr, I dedicate this retablo to thank him for protecting my house and my lands during the floods.

Agustin Melchor

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San Sebastian, I offer you this retablo, because Veronica moved to live with me. We will be thankful to you for our happiness, and now we can live without hiding our relationship.


Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

February 14, 1987

«I’m a father proud of having a gay son».
«I’m valued as a person, not for my preferences».

Saint Sebastian, thank you because my father supports me and accepts me as I am. He understands and respects my relationship with Julian, and thanks to him I have the courage and peace to live my life and do not care what people think about me.

Saul the Cute
Olivar del Conde, Mexico City
July 6, 2019, March № 41