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On September 19, 2017, there was a terrible earthquake in Mexico, and my brother was trapped under the debris of the collapsed building where he lived. But after few hours the dog Frida found him, and thanks to her his life was saved. I ask Saint Francis of Assisi, with this retablo, to protect and look after Frida and other rescue dogs who risk their lives to save ours at these catastrophes.

Magdalena S., Mexico City

Because of a very powerful hurricane that hit our town, the river bursted its banks and I was trapped in my truck with my little dog. I give infinite thanks to Saint Rita with this retablo because the rescue team came in time and saved me and my little dog Canela.

Remedios Velasco ~ Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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In memory of that morning of September 19, 1985, when an earthquake shook the Mexico City. I know if God let me live it was to save people and help the others. That’s why I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus who interceded for me, and I’m dedicating this for those who were in those Juarez apartment buildings and for those who aren’t with us anymore. I’m here to tell about it.

Grateful chilango, 19–09–2014

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Here I’m showing what a grateful lady told me with tears in her eyes on that sad morning of September 19, 1985. She’s giving thanks to the Holy Mary of Guadalupe and testifies her miracle of protecting her two children during that strong earthquake that happened in Mexico City and brought many pain and tragedy. Today, 30 years later, I ask, with all my hear, to protect me beautiful and beloved Mexico.

September 2015

I went with my daughters to gather some herbs growing almost at the top of the mountain. They were very good for our grandma’s rheumatism. When we were coming down and passing at the narrowest part of the road, some birds, trying to catch insects and small snakes in the rocks, caused a landslide and a rain of stones. Stones were flying around us, but miraculously not one hit us. The stones were falling and tumbled down near us. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle of protecting us from this rain of stones.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for protecting me from this terrible 7,8 quake. Realizing what was happening I ran to help to recover children from under this school’s debris until the navy and police arrived.

Afternoon of September 19, 2017
Volunteer for my Mexico

Daniel thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving him a second chance after this terrible earthquake that took place on September 19, 2017, and for all help offered by Mexican people to be rescued alive, and for the help of the doggy Frida.

Polanco, Mexico City

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A terrible whirlwind ran over the ranch. Thanks, Virgin, for everything was recovered.

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We thank God because volunteers and rescuers together with the Navy and especially this dog Frida managed to find alive and save four people from a building in Roma which collapsed from the 7.1 quake on September 19, 2017.

United neighbors

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Señor Catarino Pacheco thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo for saving his life when the earthquake ruined his hut. Only two little pigs were killed in the pigsty.

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March 2019, Popocatepetl had a strong eruption spewing lava and ash. I was greatly frightened because my entire house was shaking. I dedicate this humble retablo, with all my heart, to the Lord of the Wonders thanking him for Don Goyo calmed down. I ask so it won’t wake up ever again because my family and I live very close to it.

Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla

Valentin Murillo almost died under a rockfall in the mountains. He thanks the Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that no stone hit him or his donkey.

The sisters of the Divine Mercy Congregation thank Saint Paschal Baylon with this retablo for their good sales of mole and chiles en nogada. They were selling food to collect money for the reconstruction of the convent damaged by an earthquake.

Puebla de los Angeles, 1958