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I couldn’t work because of an illness I had, so I entrusted my self to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help me to heal. Few days later I was completely recovered and could get back to work at my carousel. The things are going well, and I thank for that.

Crisoforo Garza, Monterrey, 1970

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My wife insisted that I go to the gym to exercise in order to get rid of my belly. But I was very lazy. I give thanks to Saint Pancras for finally going there because there are a lot of very beautiful girls with excellent bodies at the gym and whenever I go there I always have a very nice sight.

Rafael Salas \ Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

I’m a big fan of selfies. The other day, I went to the zoo and thought it’d be cool to make a selfie with a lion and upload it on Facebook without realizing how dangerous it could be to have a lion so close. I bring this retablo to Saint Anthony the Great because thank to my phone’s flash the giant cat got scared and didn’t do anything to me. I promise to be more responsible while making photos.

Alex Ríos
Monterrey, Nuevo León

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My class had low scores because they were very rebellious and didn’t pay attention when I explained the material. Then I got an idea to dress up more provocatively and use my woman features. I give thanks to Saint Patrick for this idea because my class has improved their grades and I no longer have the High School Principal’s pressure on me.

Miss Nadia
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Thank you, Holy Child of Atocha, for your favors. I was talking with Mariana about our decision to live together. We were staying near the cabaret where she worked and where we had met each other. Suddenly I felt acute pain in my chest. It was the Mariana’s ex-pimp who shot me. But thanks to the saint the bullet didn’t hit the heart but split my collarbone. After that I asked at my work to transfer me to Monterrey where we started our new life.

Lorenzo Lozada
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1962

Juan Manuel Perez was playing hide and seek with other kids and saw a black rider in the granary. He appeared out of blue and said to the boy that he would tell him about treasures hidden in this very place. Juan got very scared and prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe. After that, the rider disappeared. Juan has grown up and now offers the Virgin this retablo.

November 18, 1958

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I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler Superpig jumped off the third rope on his opponents but almost fell on me instead. I thank Saint Charbel because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would’ve squashed me and my bucket of beer.

Panfilo Garza

Monterrey, 1982

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The Treviño brothers thank Saint Cecily for they band “The Northern Chameleons” won the musical contest and have a very big success.

Monterrey, 1989

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I, Manuela Ruiz, at that dangerous moment entrusted myself to the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Virgin protected me and I shot my enemy down. Sincerely grateful.

San Nicolas de los Garza, 1917

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him because my husband is such naive and innocent and he doesn’t know that when he goes to his work I’m secretly seeing my ex-boyfriend. I do not like cheating on him but I married him pressured by my parents and our marriage has always been pretty boring.

Sonia N.
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Holy Face, I thank you for your favors. They said that the abandoned house is so scary because they hanged one man there at the time of the Mexican revolution. I didn’t believe it until one day I got so frightened that my body was paralyzed. I went home and fell off the horse. I had a small heart attack. I give infinite thanks for I managed to save myself from death.

Jaime Moreno
Monterrey, Mexico, 1958

The northern group “The Brave Ones from Apodaca” gives thanks to Saint Cecily for the miracle of recording their first album. They were paying for years at festivals and private events, and one day a musical producer heard them. He offered them a good contract with a label. Thus their dream came true. They dedicate this humble retablo for that.

Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

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I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for saving us and not letting us drown.

October 2, 1962
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon