Saint Thomas Aquinas

Santo Tomás de Aquino

I liked to paint but I was afraid of not having enough talent to become a professional. But one night Frida Kahlo appeared in my dream and encouraged me to paint. I give infinite thanks to Saint Thomas Aquinas for that dream. It was the inspiration I needed to do what I loved the most—painting.

Amelia Lara ~ Mexico City

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My husband used to come home very tired. He had no energy for intimate things, and that worried me. I prayed Saint Thomas Aquinas for help, and the next day my friend gave me a seafood recipe. I prepared it, and it turned out to be a very strong aphrodisiac. It gave so much power to my husband that we had a great night of unbridled passion, for which I thank.

Ana Rodriguez ~ Veracruz

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Eugenia Alvarez was practicing on uneven bars and flew off them falling down pretty badly. She brings this retablo to Saint Thomas thanking him for the recovery, although she had to leave the gymnastics.

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Raquel Robledo thanks Saint Thomas Aquinas because she was chosen for the central poster in a gentlemen’s magazine and they made beautiful photos with her.

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Saint Thomas Aquinas, thank you for your favors. My bull broke the rope and went away. I was looking for him. When I finally found him grazing and tried to lasso him, he attacked me with his horn. Then my father came—he knew I went for our stud bull. Thank to my father and Saint Thomas the bull didn’t kill me.

Grecian Garcia
Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1969

Andres Ortega brings this retablo to Saint Thomas thanking him for becoming a lion tamer in the “Doris” circus and for his performances are going very well.

The Santo Tomas inhabitants thank because the fair finally came to their town, as all the years before. Everybody, and especially kids, enjoy very much the carousel.

Pedro Garcia and Veronica Jimenez were fucking when the refrigerating chamber door closed. They thank Saint Thomas Aquinas with this retablo for their boss saved them in time because they were about to become popsicles.

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Thomas Aquinas because thanks to his intervention I met very virile and hairy man, just as I liked them. His name is Tomas, and we perform at the theatre with our poodle Lucero.

Monterrey, August 1972