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I couldn’t work because of an illness I had, so I entrusted my self to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help me to heal. Few days later I was completely recovered and could get back to work at my carousel. The things are going well, and I thank for that.

Crisoforo Garza, Monterrey, 1970

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Panfila Rodriguez took too many rides at the carousel, she felt dizzy and nauseated. This feeling wasn’t passing so she prayed Saint James and felt relieved right that moment. She thanks for that with this retablo.

Zacatlan, 1920

1935, in San Bernardino, my son Bartolo was riding on a carousel and flew off of his seat. When I saw him flying like a dung beetleI prayed to Saint James. Thanks to him my son only got his mug scratched.

Nicolasa Ruis

The Santo Tomas inhabitants thank because the fair finally came to their town, as all the years before. Everybody, and especially kids, enjoy very much the carousel.

Gumersindo Jimenez went abroad for work as a boy. He gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because he managed to make some money. He bought a carousel and returned back to his beloved Mexico to work with his family.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan, because I inherited the carousel from my grandfather, at which he worked all his life. All my childish fantasies were about that carousel. I rode my favorite horse and imagined [...] Now I can quite my dull job and dedicate myself to the carousel. I look at the children who ride horses similar to those I used to ride, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make them happy.

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I travel all over the country with my carousel. I come to most forgotten villages. The children run to see the wonderful carousel, and I’m happy seeing their amazed faces, because usually they see something like this for the first time in their life. Who can, pays. Who has no money, also can ride a little bit. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this job that allows me to travel and to bring happiness to the children.

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