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Apolinar, Fermin and Cipriano Ramos infinitely thank the Lord of Chalma for his protection since they’ve been working as builders for 20 years and never had any accidents. All these years they’ve been working to support and provide for their families.

Tlaxcala, 1979

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I bring this retablo as my eternal gratitude to the Virgin of the Solitude for helping me to overcome this sin, because before I spent my life and my health on drinking all days long in bars and canteens. But now I’m sober and even got a job.

Luciano Mendoza \ Oaxaca

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I was unemployed and saw an ad requiring masseuses in a spa for ladies. I had an idea to dress up like a woman and to ask for this job. I thank Saint Sebastian with the present retablo because nobody noticed that I’m a man and I’m keeping this job, which, apart from having an excellent salary, allows me to check out the clients without clothes.

Maximiliano R. \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Diana Martinez was kicked out of her house. In despair, she found a stripper job. She thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus because she’s doing very well.

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With this humble retablo, I thank Saint Patrick for my good physique. Thanks to my natural beauty I had a good job as a model and I earn very good money, although I didn’t even finish the primary school.

Nayeli Sandoval / Mexico City

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For my first salary I ordered this retablo. I dedicate it to the Virgin of the Miracles. I loved high heel shoes ever since I was little. But our family was so poor that sometimes we had nothing to eat. I’ve just got a job in an excellent shoe store in the capital.

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This retablo is for the Miraculous Virgin because she helped me to get a stable job in a bar in the capital. Besides that I don’t need to wake up early to scrub the floors, I receive good tips dancing for the clients and playing the marimbas naked.

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I couldn’t work because of an illness I had, so I entrusted my self to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would help me to heal. Few days later I was completely recovered and could get back to work at my carousel. The things are going well, and I thank for that.

Crisoforo Garza, Monterrey, 1970

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The stylist Carmen Mejia went partying and the next day came to work still not sobered up. There, by mistake, she colored a client’s hair in silver-white color and was fired for that. She thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for it all ended like this and she wasn’t denounced.

A monster began to appear in the Laurita Rios’ closet. She was very frightened and prayed the Virgin of the Rosary so that the monster wouldn’t come back. Thanks to the Holy Virgin the girl’s father got a better job in Guadalajara so they moved there. Laurita thanks the Virgin because there are no monsters in the capital.

Jasinto Chavez had some drinks and came to work drunk. He was fired for that. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo because he was paid big dough and has already found another job.

I came from Tepeaca, Puebla, to the United States full of dreams and hopes for a better life for me and my family. I’m infinitely grateful to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I found a good job as a dishwasher in a famous restaurant in New York via a fellow countryman. May you be blessed.

Severiano Pérez \ New York, USA

My husband got a job in Veracruz, and we moved to live in a wild place full of various animals and rattlesnakes. But the worst were the monkeys. When they came down from the trees to drink water they stole laundry. I was desperate. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because my husband got another job and we moved back to the civilization.