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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Candelaria because she blessed me with a very beautiful body, although I have very short legs. Thanks to my beauty I was able to become an exotic dancer in a very refined gentleman’s club.

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Francisco Cahuc thanks wholeheartedly for having finished his studies and beginning his professional career. He offers this retablo to the Holy Lord Protector to whom he had entrusted himself.

Mexico, January 2019

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I was going to a job interview in a very important company, so I put my best suit on. While I was waiting at the bus stop I didn’t pay attention to a puddle near it, and when a car passed by at high speed it splashed me all over. I thank Saint Maroun because they were understanding in the company and valued my knowledge and not my appearance and they gave me a job.

Jeronimo Abascal \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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1927, Benita Ruiz’ husband kicked the bucked and she was left all alone. Benita entrusted herself to the Virgin of San Juan, and with her help she could survive with children working as a laundrywoman. She thanks the Virgin.

I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus because I’m doing very well selling quesadillas and memelas here in the city. I have many clients who love my snacks. Back in the village I had no job, and the city people are very good with me. For such a miracle I dedicate the present retablo.

Juanita Toxqui \ Puebla

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Raul Fernandez couldn’t find a job and became a porn actor because he is hung like a donkey. With this retablo, he likes to thanks Saint Elias because he’s doing well, although sometimes he comes into conflict with his religion.

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Susana Romero loved dogs, and she became a dog instructor. The thing have been going very well for her, so she dedicates him the present retablo to Saint Francis in sign of her gratitude.

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I thank Saint Benedict with the present retablo because my husband’s secretary resigned. She was a very young and beautiful woman and she dressed very sexy and provocative. I was afraid my Rafael would give in to temptation. Now I feel much safer with the new secretary–a much more conservative woman.

Dolores Sotomayor \ Aguascalientes, Mexico

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I found a job as a stripper. Thanks to that I can support my children. You know I do it not because I like it but out of necessity. And I ask you to protect me in such a tough profession.

Guadalupe “The Cute”
La Merced, Mexico City – June 17, 1995

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for helping me every day with so many clients who buy my tamales. I didn’t have a job and by a chance found my mother’s recipe of tamales with mole, pickled peppers and sweet green sauce. And the people of the town like the taste of it.

Carmelo Lopez \ Atlixco, Puebla

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Apolinar, Fermin and Cipriano Ramos infinitely thank the Lord of Chalma for his protection since they’ve been working as builders for 20 years and never had any accidents. All these years they’ve been working to support and provide for their families.

Tlaxcala, 1979

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I bring this retablo as my eternal gratitude to the Virgin of the Solitude for helping me to overcome this sin, because before I spent my life and my health on drinking all days long in bars and canteens. But now I’m sober and even got a job.

Luciano Mendoza \ Oaxaca

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I was unemployed and saw an ad requiring masseuses in a spa for ladies. I had an idea to dress up like a woman and to ask for this job. I thank Saint Sebastian with the present retablo because nobody noticed that I’m a man and I’m keeping this job, which, apart from having an excellent salary, allows me to check out the clients without clothes.

Maximiliano R. \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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