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Juanita F. got involved with her master and now does only half of her job because he has hired another maid. She thanks Saint Mariana of Jesus for this good luck.

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Candido Gomez dedicates the present retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping me to find a better job. He used to work as a mascot for pizzeria wearing the pizza costume which was very hot, so he fainted a lot, and, beside that, the dogs were constantly barking at him. Now he has a much quieter job.

Mexico City, 1996

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The night of November 2, I was taking care of some tomes at the cemetery. I received a great shock when I saw with my own eyes a dead man who opened his casket and was ready to get out of it. I prayed the Lord of Chalma for protection and could escape safely. Next time I’m offered a job at the cemetery, I’d rather refuse.

Aquilino Morales
Guanajuato, 1947

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio with the present retablo because I could find a good job near my house. Before I had to take the subway few times every day. I suffered a lot with all the touching, groping and pushing and, on top of that, with the smell of the people who wouldn’t bath. Now I’m done with this torment.

Cecilia Godinez, Mexico City

Don Rogaciano Hernandez offers this retablo to Saint Joseph in order to thank for his son Sabino coming back home after working on the border for many years. Don thought he’d never see his son again.

Leon, Guanajuato

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I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of the Cross for my family hasn’t yet found out that I’d been fired from my job in the Bank of Fomento because of a theft of quite a lot of thousands pesos. Now we are passing our time watching the super 8 mm films and remembering much happier times when we didn’t lack anything.

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Jovita Fernandez, 34, was dumped by her husband. She was left alone, without job and with 5 kids. She opened a bar, and she was doing so well that she bought a house and payed for all her kids’ education. She thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and offers this retablo.

Tonala, Chiapas, 1970

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I bring this retablo to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for my son Euastaquio finally straightened his life up and found a job. He was already 35 years old, and he was doing nothing. I couldn’t support him any longer.

Candida Rosas, Oaxaca

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1939, my wife got pregnant and I had no job at the time. So I became a shoeshiner and that way I met Frida, the artist. Having found out about my problem, she helped me. My wife gave birth to the baby, and I’m infinitely thankful for this to the Virgin of San Juan and to Frida.

Mexico City

The Diana Nuñez’ boss used to demand her to have sex with him in order to keep the job until one day she reported him. She thanks Saint Raymond for her boss is now in jail and she can do her work properly.

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With this humble retablo, I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for I’ve found a job near my home. Before I used to take subway at peak hours to get to my old job. It was full, and there were men who were feeling me up and groping me. It was so disgusting. May you be blessed.

Celia Carbajal, Mexico City

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception hoping she will help me to do well at my new job oaf announcer on television. Sometimes I get nervous, begin to stutter and sweat a lot. I hope my bosses at the Canal 4 would be pleased with me.

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Yolanda Rivera was hired as a wet-nurse. But the baby had teeth and used to bite her. Yolanda thanks Saint Paschal Baylon because she has found another job and doesn’t have to suffer from this baby anymore.

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