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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe with the present retablo for being able to become a teacher of indigenous languages. It fills me with pride that I teach kids the beauty of our native languages. I ask for the people take more interest in preserving them because they are part of our history and our Mexican roots.

Veracruz, Mexico

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Young Anselmo Aguilar was tired of his teacher constantly flunking him in physics for no reason. One day he got so angry, he threw the teacher down the stairs of the school. He gives thanks to Saint Francis of Paula for he was only kicked out of school and did not go to jail. He also did community service and paid medical expenses.

I beg for a favor, Child of Atocha, so that my nephew Benjamin Nuñez who is about to go to school would stop being so naughty.

Tita Avendaño

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I thank Savitar, god of speed, for giving me enough rapidity to get into a subway before the doors closed. Thanks to him I wasn’t late for school as always.

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I give infinite thanks to the God of Google Classroom because, although I flunked my geography exam, the teacher got me passed because I did my homework and participated in class. I promise to study for the next exam because I felt awful to flunk it.

Studious pupil of the 5th grade of the primary school

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A teacher Violeta Escobedo came to the class and found two schoolgirls dancing striptease. She thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo because the conversation with their parents was productive and they amended their ways.

I give thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan because I’ve almost always got intelligent and caring pupils. They make me feel very good professionally as a teacher. I offer this retablo to the Holy Virgin.

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I’m a high preparatory school math teacher, and I had a student who was flirting with me so that I would give her good grades because she was a bad student. I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas for the principal gave me another class because the girl began to wear daring clothes and harass me which could bring me professional problems and with my wife as well.

Rafael Barrios ~ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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A teacher Nicolasa Guzman brings this retablo to Saint John Bosco giving him infinite thanks for her pupils didn’t notice that she had diarrhea and even dropped some poop.

Puebla, 1949

Teacher Pedro Pablo M. got involved with the school principal and they were caught in the action. He gives thanks to the Virgin of Juquila because the union found him work in another place.

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My wife was a primary school teacher. She was teaching in second grade for many years but then she was moved to teach in third grade. She felt so distressed she began to give lessons in her sleep. And I couldn’t sleep listening about the monocotyledons and the dicotyledons. I couldn’t work either because of my lack of sleep. Then I implored the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her my wife relaxed in few days. She doesn’t teach in her sleep anymore, and I can finally sleep peacefully.

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for protecting me from this terrible 7,8 quake. Realizing what was happening I ran to help to recover children from under this school’s debris until the navy and police arrived.

Afternoon of September 19, 2017
Volunteer for my Mexico

Thank you God because you helped me to go through this difficult time after the rape. When I was scared of so much pain you brought me to know these people who supported me in my abortion. I’m feeling much better now because they treated me very well and the lady doctor who attended me was very kind. Thanks to everybody I can keep on going to school.

Lucy, 15 years — Chiapas

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