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Morning of March 16, my son Luisito was playing and fell of the school balcony. He hit his head. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan he’s alright, he didn’t became blind or idiot.

Rosa Maria Perez de Lopez

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Gilberto Velazquez was badly infected with lice and was even expelled from the school because of that. The boy thanks the Virgin of San Juan because his grandmother gave him a homemade remedy. All lice were gone, and he didn’t have to go bald.

Every January 17, I ask my new pupils to bring their pets to the class. Usually there are cats, dogs or some turtle, rat or parakeet. But this year one boy brought a crocodile. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the animal didn’t attack anybody and the boy’s father took him away as soon as I called him. I grounded the boy for one week for being careless.

The teacher Rosita said that my son Antonio wasn’t good in arithmetics so she would leave him to repeat the grade. I was distressed and prayed the Virgin of San Juan so that my boy wouldn’t repeat the third grade again. The Holy Virgin made a miracle, and Antonio got better in arithmetics and passed to the fourth grade. I thank for that.

Luz Diaz

Pascasia Lopez bring this retablo thanking the Holy Child of Atocha for she got to know Frida the painter. I’m also thankful to Frida for helping my son to finish the primary school.

Mexico, 1952

My son David loved to dream and imagine himself as superhero. It sure distracted him at school. When he did the homework he was dreaming about heroical acts also. Then suddenly he started studying hard and has become the first in his class. Turned out his friend told him that a superhero need a flying supercar, and one should be a great scientist to build that. So it means to study a lot. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this change.

Señora Dionicia thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for arriving home in time so she could save her son from hanging himself because he had problems in the school.

February 10, 1975

Humberto Espinosa thank Saint James with this retablo for he’s doing very well collecting plastic bottles. WIth this earning he can pay for his son’s school.

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In 20 years of me working as a teacher, the kids made me cry few times because of their bad behavior and indifference. But those sad moments are compensated when the kids show their love and compassion. It feels very nice to see that the efforts have given the results and the kids are learning and developing. I thank the Virgin for these very joyful moments.

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My son Luis befriended the monkeys that were coming to our patio. He used to spend all day climbing up the trees with them and learning their skills and tricks. He refused to eat anything but fruits. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan he finally met other kids and eventually forgot about those damned monkeys when he began to go to the school.

Marta R. and Raquel M. brought wine to the school and got drunk, but the nuns caught them. They thank the Virgin of San Juan for they weren’t expelled and only had to sweep the school with hangover.

My daughter was having many problems with studying arithmetic. It seemed she was trying very hard, but still she couldn’t get it. I prayed to the Holy Child of Atocha for help, and then I had an idea to invent a game with additions, extractions and multiplications. Playing this game, my girl learned it really quickly. Now she’s the best in her class in arithmetic, and I give thanks.

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My class had low scores because they were very rebellious and didn’t pay attention when I explained the material. Then I got an idea to dress up more provocatively and use my woman features. I give thanks to Saint Patrick for this idea because my class has improved their grades and I no longer have the High School Principal’s pressure on me.

Miss Nadia
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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