Saint Francis of Paola

San Francisco de Paula

Young Anselmo Aguilar was tired of his teacher constantly flunking him in physics for no reason. One day he got so angry, he threw the teacher down the stairs of the school. He gives thanks to Saint Francis of Paula for he was only kicked out of school and did not go to jail. He also did community service and paid medical expenses.

My dear Saint Francis of Paola always helps us to get some corn for tortillas.

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January 1947, near the Guanajuato river, Tomas Ramirez was attacked by three men—two were beating him and the third man, with a gun, shot him in stomach. Tomas fell unconscious. The bullet remained inside. A surgery was performed to avoid any infection. Tomas entrusted himself to the miraculous image of Saint Francis of Paola and little by little got better. Now he’s offering this retablo to keep the miracle in mind.

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Francis of Paola because at my debut night in the Savoy theatre I was frightened that there was no one in the audience. But it turned out that a very famous producer Andres M*ta bought up all tickets to my show and I had to perform only for him. Don Andres promised me that I’ll be a star and would have a tremendous success.