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The music teacher Consuelo Rodriguez is thankful to the Virgin of Zapopan because Gloria Prieto, a girl who was terribly out of tune, changed the school. The choir sounds like the angel music without her.

My son Jorge’s teacher was giving her lessons in a very boring manner. So my boy, instead of paying attention, used to imagine the teacher grabbed and taken by lianas and she was screaming. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the teacher was replaced and now my son pays attention so he won’t repeat the grade.

The teacher Ramona Rodrigues was assigned to a class in a school filled with rats and other pests. The children seemed to get used to it but she was completely frightened. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan for she was transferred in another school after all, and even the kids over there were smarter.

Everyone in our family has a musical talent which we are very proud of. However, we were highly disappointed in our son Mario who hadn’t inherited a good ear for music and is awful in playing the instrument he chose. He hadn’t inherited my wife’s wonderful voice as well. He sings horribly. But his teacher has discovered that he’s a mathematical genius. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for our son has a talent.

Young Rodolfo R. had an affair with his literature teacher. He thanks Saint Raymond for he reacted in time and stopped this relationship for good.

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When they closed the school where my wife used to work as a teacher for many years, she got upset. Then she acquired the habit of teaching our pets. I was worried and prayed Saint Francis so he would help her. The saint worked a miracle, and my wife was given a teacher job in another school. And now she doesn’t have this rare habit of teaching animals which annoyed them greatly.

I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because all my pupils love me. They give me flowers, gifts and cards on holidays showing me their love.

Maria Luisa Rodriguez

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The teacher Josefa Alvarez thanks the Virgin because when she stumbled and fell back of the platform she didn’t get hurt for she landed on Felipe Barajas. She also thanks because Felipe didn’t get hurt very much either.

June 6, 1967

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My son was a very naughty boy. He didn’t like to study at all. His teacher couldn’t stand him and was about to expel him from the elementary school. I thank Saint Nicholas of Bari for having heard my prayers. My Carlito changed and began studying. Al least he scored 6 points in the exam, so he might pass to another grade, after three attempts.

Gumersinda Castro
Chiapas, 1979

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The parents thank the Virgin of the Solitude because their children found the courage to report a teacher who used to spank them. So now he pays for his misdemeanors.

The teacher Lupita got married and left the school. A new teacher that replaced her didn’t teach the children at all. The mothers thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because the teacher Lupita felt sorry for her pupils and decided to come back to the school. After all she is a very good teacher.

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When my pupil Alfonso fell in love with mr, I thought it was sweet. But then I saw that he was serious about it, and I got preoccupied. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe for help. Some time later she made a miracle. Alfonso lost his interest in me and switched to a new girl who moved from Guanajuato to us in the middle of the school year. I thank because it is she who will broke the Alfonso’s heart and not me.

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The Juanito’s teacher was so annoying that the boy spent all the time thinking how to get rid of her. He wouldn’t study, and I was afraid he would be kept for a second year. Thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan the teacher was changed for another who actually can teach. Now Juanito is very enthusiastic about studying and doing very well.