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One day I bought a very strange plant at a garage sale. The plant grew very fast, and I noticed there were less flies in my house since I’d got it. I thought it was the plant’s odor that scared them off. But one day I was watering the plant, and it suddenly grabbed my cat. It even started to tangle me up. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because I was able to get free from the sprouts and to liberate my cat as well. I’d better plant just geraniums. They are harmless and immune to pests.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for not losing my eye and going blind when I was gathering prickly pears and one fell down in my eye hitting me with thorns.

Timoteo Hernandez Lopez
July 16, 1968, Torreon

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My daughter was born with a strange illness that stopped her from receiving the sunlight. We had to organize a nocturnal life for us. It was little bit difficult at the beginning, but then we got used to it and built a beautiful world under the moonlight. Instead of dogs we kept cats, instead of canaries we had an owl, we grew impossible plants and instead of sunbathing we were moonbathing. I know when the moment comes my beautiful daughter will meet a man who will be willing to share this world with her.

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My cow Luisa wouldn’t leave the tracks, and the train was closer and closer. Only a miracle could save her. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she made the miracle. Luisa saw opuntia prickly pears and went to eat them.

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My nephew who travels a lot brought me a beautiful exotic plant. I plant it in the garden, and it grew big with my care. I’m caring for my plants, I talk with them and play the music for them. One day the plants grabbed me with its sprouts. I was scared thinking it was a carnivorous plant. But then I found out it was some sort of greeting and a demonstration of love. The plant always does so when I come near. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this relationship because the plants gives us back the love we are giving them.

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The trees talked and we got very scared. We prated the Virgin and saved escaped safely.

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When I went to take a swim in the river, I was caught by a strange plant. It entangled me and I couldn’t liberate from it. I was afraid it could be a carnivorous plant, so I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Thanks to her I finally got free and wasn’t devoured by this strange plant.

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My son Jorge’s teacher was giving her lessons in a very boring manner. So my boy, instead of paying attention, used to imagine the teacher grabbed and taken by lianas and she was screaming. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the teacher was replaced and now my son pays attention so he won’t repeat the grade.

It hadn’t rained for few years, and our lands were dry. We and our goats had to eat nopal cactuses and prickly pears, and the dogs fed themselves with lizards and snakes. The Virgin of Guadalupe finally listened to our prayers, and this year abundant rains have come to us. The land is blooming, and we have a lot of vegetables and corn. We thank for this abundance.

My husband brought me a beautiful ara parrot from Chiapas. It was so smart, it even learnt to say my name. It wasn’t accustomed to live in the house though, and on the third day it flew away to the field. I went for the parrot and finally found it. However, don’t know how, we ended up in a labyrinth of prickly plants. With the bird in my hand I tried to get out but the thorns didn’t let me out—my clothes and my hair was caught up. In despair, I prayed the Holy Spirit, and then the miracle happened. The plants seemed to open a passage for me and I got out with the parrot without many scratches. My dress was little bit torn though. I give thanks.

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Luisa Maria Gomes had a lot of suitors. All of them tried to win her over but being dull and predictable they only annoyed her. And they weren’t handsome. One day she met Pedro Lopez. He conquered her heart by giving her a carnivorous plant. She thank Saint Anthony for such an original man who’s also smart and has beautiful eyes. And with this plant, there are no more flies and mosquitos in her house.

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Juan Jose Ramos being drunk went to dance with cacti. He hurt himself terribly. He thanks Father Jesus for this divine lesson and promises to amend.

I was very proud of my garden. But one day it was invaded by giant snails. I don’t know how they became so big. They began to eat my plants and especially most beautiful flowers. I didn’t know what to do until the Virgin of Guadalupe enlightened me to put a salt around my garden. It scared the snails off and they didn’t come back.