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When we began to sow our peace of land, hundred of black birds flew over and started eating the seeds we’d just sowed. We were desperate and didn’t know what to do. We entrusted ourselves to the Virgin of Zapopan and she made the miracle of chasing the birds to other side. She saved our crop.

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A young man Anacleto Figueroa fell in love with a girl from a village in Tequila. That’s why he started looking for a job as a jimador. He thanks Saint Anthony because now, thanks to his efforts, they will get married.

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Fermin Roque and Carmen Lopez offer this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because this year they sold more nopal cactuses than the last year. They thanks for that.

Milpalta, 1947

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We infinitely thank Saint Isidor Labourer for granting us a miracle of a good crop of marigold flowers, so we could sell them outside the cemeteries at this period of the Day of the Dead.

Cleotilde and Nicolasa Castillo
Atlixco, Puebla, 1955

There was a bad plague hitting my agaves, and many of my plants were dying. I was so distressed I implored Saint Isidor Labourer to save my plants. Few days later all my agaves were cured. Now they give a lot of pulque. I give thanks for such a great miracle.

Higinio Valencia, Jalisco, 1952

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I’d never had such an abundant crop of peaches like this year. The trees were loaded with peaches, and the fruits were big as oranges. I was very proud, but then suddenly came a flock of birds. There were hundreds of them, and they began to peck my peaches. I didn’t know hot to scare them away. They were ruining my crop. Then two dogs came and started barking so loudly that the birds flew away. I’m sure it was Saint Francis who sent me these dogs and worked the miracle of saving my crop. I adopted these dogs, and they guard my garden now.

Rogaciano and his wife Maria Lopez dedicate this little humble retablo to Saint Isidor Laborer in eternal gratitude for their lands are very generous and their corn harvest are very good, with big and tasty corncobs.

Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico

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The farmer Angulo Barbosa was worrying because he had no money to buy seeds. He entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio, and the next day he met the artists Frida who lent him the necessary sum. He gives infinite thanks for such an extraordinary favor.

Puebla, 1942

I offer my best corncobs and this retablo to Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for having blessed my fields.

Orlando and Maria Gena da Costa

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My land became dry and infertile. I was in despair for not be able to harvest. One day the devil presented before myself and showed me how he can make a dry mound became green and flourishing. He said he could make it with all my lands in exchange for my soul. I was thinking about my family, and it was very tempting. But I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for I could resist the temptation. My resistance prevailed with the good rains coming to my land and making it green again. I give thanks.

I offer this retablo to the Zacacalco Crucifix for helping me with the agaves. After selling my pulque I could buy this mule that helps me to deliver more orders in and out of the town. There are a lot of orders now. Bless my work as a pulque gatherer, give me strength and health.

Eligio Chavez
San Cristobal Zacacalco, Hidalgo
May 17, 1960

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A squirrel invasion was eating fruits from my trees, and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan so she would drive them away. The generous Virgin made a miracle, and the squirrels went to invade the Nicanor Ramos’ garden and never came back.

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To my Lord and to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer this retablo because I got my lands back. I inherited them from my late parents and then the lands were taking from me without any reason as a mortgage. I prayed to you and now I work on my lands again as my parents’ wish. Bless me, Holy Virgin, since I’m all alone.

Serafin, Cuajumalpa, May 3, 1975

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