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Since our husbands went to work up north, my sister and I had to sow our field. But then came hundreds of black birds, and they were picking everything we sowed. We implored the Virgin of Zapopan for help, and thanks to her the birds flew far away to another fields and left our in peace. We had a beautiful harvest, and we thank Our Lady.

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I was sowing the field when suddenly a horrible tornado was formed. I entrusted myself to Saint Jude Thaddeus, and little by little the tornado disappeared. I thank him for that with this humble retablo.

Severiano Lopez \ Mexico

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I want to thank Our Lady of Guadalupe with the present exvoto for having met mr. Smith, the owner of the fields where we pick up tomatoes. He is a good man, and he treats us well, and he doesn’t exploit me or my fellows who work for him. He pays us excellent salary which I use to support my family back in Mexico.

Felipe Gonzalez — Florida, USA

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We thank you, Virgin of the Rosary, for chasing away the birds that bothered us when we were sowing.

Ines, Juana and Toñito
Oaxaca, Mexico, 1964

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I was weeding the hillock in my beloved San Miguel at the dusk, when suddenly the ground yawned and a creature that had tentacles like an octopus came out of it. I was frozen and didn’t know what to do. The beast was looking at me with its enormous eyes. It tried to grab me. I implored the Brown-skin Virgin to give me strength. Then I took my machete and hit it with all might. The monster went back into the hole, and I survived.

Ruperto N., 1980

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Good harvest!

Thanks to saint Jesus Malverde for giving us our marijuana crop. We sold it at a good price and we’ll buy cows and piglets.

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Señor Dionicio thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his agaves gave a lot of pulque. He sold it and got money to support his family. He gives many thanks for this favor, and he asks you, from his heart, to always protect them so they would never lack anything in case he’d be gone.

January 25, 1980

Tlahuac, Mexico City

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Señor Isidro thanks the Virgin of San Juan for helping him save his horse the Favorite from dying drowning when he came closer to the water to drink and fell into the river. Isidro asks you to give his hose health so he could keep on working on his lands so that his family would stay well and wouldn’t lack anything,

Villa del Carbon, August 27, 1996

When my husband died, I was inconsolable. After having felt a horrible pain, then came the worries that I couldn’t support my two children only by myself. But this year the fruit trees gave a very abundant crop. The Holy Spirit enlightened me not to sell the fruits but to make jam and jelly which I could sell for a higher price than the fruits. Now I realize that the tragedies take a part of you but also make you stronger.

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Señor Ceferino Perez dedicates this humble retablo Saint Isidor Labourer in sign of gratitude for having such magnificent lands that gives delicious pulque, and the people in the village love it very much. May you be blessed.

Tlaxcala, Mexico

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Señor Porfirio thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his agaves give a lot of pulque and could save money to buy a donkey to keep on woking and support his family. One thing he asks you is health.

Villa del Carbon, Mexico, December 12, 1990

San Juanita, I beg you so that Juan, my friend from the plantation, wouldn’t reject me because my love is sincere.

Gabriel Dominguez R.

Anselmo Barrientos was resting after the work in the field. He was drinking pulque when the bony Death appeared. Anselmo wasn’t a young man, but still he had no desire to die yet. He prayed the Lord of Blue Eye. The Lord scared the Death away, and it left Anselmo in peace.

Texcoco, Mexico, 1923

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