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I used to read fairy tales to my son since he was very little. Now when he plays he imagines himself as a prince rescuing princesses from the claws of a terrible dragon. He’s riding his faithful white horse, and they go for strange lands in search of astonishing adventures. I thank the Virgin for blessing my son with this great imagination and fantasy.

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My horse suddenly had become unfriendly and bad-tempered. I found out it was a demon who was torturing him. I asked the Virgin to drive the demon away and to send him back to the hell. She made a miracle, and my horse is back to be happy and docile.

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With all my heart, I thank Saint Anthony the Great for working the miracle that my horse El Patro’s back legs have been cured. They were broken and wouldn’t heal. Now he’s feeling very well and runs with great agility at the ranch. My dear friend El Patro.

Teodoro Garcia
Coahuila, 1969

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There was a fire in the circus. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because there was a horse tied to near me, so I rode it and escaped from the fire carrying my children. We went through the flames without burning ourselves. Nobody died in the fire, we just lost our materials, but the circus has an insurance which will cover it.

We were coming back after visiting the grand-mother Ramona who lives up in the mountains, and we ran into a skunk that scared my horse so she threw off me and my baby. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we didn’t fell on the rocks but on the ground and didn’t get hurt.

Felipe Guzman had an idea to have a romantic ride in a carriage. However, the horse got scared of something and ran. Felipe thanks Saint Jude with this retablo because they were able to calm the horse before getting in a accident.

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I thank Saint James for saving me. I was going back to the village, when the earth trembled and cracked under me.I fell off the horse. I thank nothing serious happened with me.

Ilario Rodriguez
Guanajuato, August 18, 1938

I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Michael the Archangel thanking him, with all my heart, for he always accompanies me at my work as a picador. During all my years in this profession, I didn’t suffer from any grave accident, nor did my horse Sparky. So I feel blessed.

Abelardo Rosas
Apizaco, Tlaxcala

The other day, I was riding my horse El Rayo (The Lightning), when a rattlesnake came out from rocks and scared my horse very much. I thank Saint Philomena for I was able to control my horse that was very nervous, and didn’t fell, and avoided the danger.

Cayetano Hernandez
Durango, Durango

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for protecting my son Pedro P. of dying when a lighting hit near him so even the land cracked. We dedicate this retablo because for nothing happened with him nor with his horse.

June 14, 1934

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The girl Carmelita Solares was riding her horse. Suddenly the animal reared up by seeing a horned vipers and the girl fell down. Her parents thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for nothing happened to her at the fall, and the viper didn’t bite her nor the horse. They offer this retablo as gratitude.

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That dark night in November, my family and I had to ride through the cemetery. We got scared as many skeletons, ghosts and dead men appeared to us. They looked threatening. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for her protection and because she gave our horse more speed so the dead didn’t get us.

A pretty big black viper came to Saturnino Cardoso, and the horse almost threw me off. I thank.

October 23, 1938