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Nayeli thanks the Holy Lord of Chalma for letting her to present, with great success, her act of juggling on her horse and for the opportunity given by the circus. She expresses her gratitude.

January 6, 1990

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Guillermo Gonzalez was sent by his boss to Veracruz to measure some lands. He went by horse. Because it was very hot, he stopped to take a short rest by the river. He fell asleep and heard a voice in his dream that was calling him. He woke up and saw three crocodiles ready to attack him. He’s sure it was the Virgin of Guadalupe who warned him in his dream, and he thanks for saving him.

Tecolulta, Veracruz, 1955

I sold a piece of land I didn’t used so much and, with that money, I though of buying cows. When I went to the ranch La Purisima to buy them, I took a shortcut through the cacti. There was a group of bandits who ambushed me. They scared my horse away and asked for the money. But then my dog who’s very clever took the bag with the money and ran away. The bandits went after him, but the dog ran through the most dense cacti. Meanwhile, I escaped and soon found my horse. When I got home my dog was already there with the bag of money. I thank Virgin of Zapopan for this miracle.

The Mendoza brothers, Samuel and Luis, were horse racing, and one of them hit a branch. They give due thanks to the Merciful Lord for he recovered and didn’t became idiot.

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A part of the road that Gregorio Canales took got crumbled and he fell down the cliff with his dog and his horse. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan’s miraculous intervention no one from the was hurt because they fell on shrubbery and it softened the blow.

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Dionicio thanks the Virgin of San Juan for saving him from dying when his horse went crazy and ran away with him being unable to control it until his dog Manchas was able to stop it and saved him in this way.

January 15, 1985
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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Miraculous Virgin of Juquila, thank you for my horse’s broken leg got recovered.

Matias Lopez

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We went to the town to baptize our boy. The bus broke down and we had to ride horses. On our way back a viper scared my horse, it reared up, and my baby flew up in the air. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan he fell right into the arms of my husband who rode behind me. Nothing happened to the baby, he didn’t even got scared because he thought we were just playing. I give infinite thanks for this miracle.

I’m immensely grateful to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my faithful work companion, my horse Catrin, got recovered from an infection.

Bulmaro Perez

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I thank Saint Anthony because I married a good man who loves me and the animals. He accepted me with my monkey, dogs, cats and parrot. Now we all live happily on his ranch.

Señor Isidro thanks the Virgin of San Juan for helping him save his horse the Favorite from dying drowning when he came closer to the water to drink and fell into the river. Isidro asks you to give his hose health so he could keep on working on his lands so that his family would stay well and wouldn’t lack anything,

Villa del Carbon, August 27, 1996

Señor Dionicio gives thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for saving him from dying after a dangerous fall from his horse on his way back home when the horse was scared of a viper and threw him off. Now he thanks because he’s alright.

March 15, 1987, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for appearing in the circus when a very horny horse jumped on Bigbooty the clown. I, Panfilo de Narvaez, implored you so that the children wouldn’t see such a grotesque scene.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1920