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The girl Luisa walked around with her drum, and the vipers dance and whirl. Look after her, Virgin.

We went to the town to baptize our boy. The bus broke down and we had to ride horses. On our way back a viper scared my horse, it reared up, and my baby flew up in the air. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan he fell right into the arms of my husband who rode behind me. Nothing happened to the baby, he didn’t even got scared because he thought we were just playing. I give infinite thanks for this miracle.

A horned viper was about to bite my children when they were playing, but thanks to the Virgin they noticed it in time and managed to escape.

Señor Dionicio gives thanks to the Virgin of Juquila for saving him from dying after a dangerous fall from his horse on his way back home when the horse was scared of a viper and threw him off. Now he thanks because he’s alright.

March 15, 1987, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Artemio Mendosa brings this retablo thanking the Virgin of San Juan for protecting him from the bullets of a peon and playing a dirty trick on himself instead because he was killed by a venomous viper.

Puebla, 1908

My son Aurelio rode the horse whenever he had free time. But on August 4, 1958, an accident happened. The horse got scared of a viper and my son fell head down. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for he didn’t die nor become crazy, and recovered quickly.

Tired of gathering wood, Antonia Flores fell asleep. It happened so that a very venomous viper was about to bite her but Our Lady Virgin of San Juan sent her angels to wake Antonia up, and she could escape from the animal. She give infinite thanks to the Holy Virgin for this miracle.

Rodrigo Menendez was selling bananas at the market, and one day one of his customers was bitten by a viper that jumped out of the fruits. He thanks Saint Francis of Assisi for this snake turned out to be non-venomous because the health control was going to throw him in jail.

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Thank you, Virgin of Sorrows, for the miracle that I’m alive. I went to see my wheat crops and a viper bit me.

Evaristo Galvan Monzon
August 14, 1974
Celaya, Guanajuato

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The girl Carmelita Solares was riding her horse. Suddenly the animal reared up by seeing a horned vipers and the girl fell down. Her parents thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for nothing happened to her at the fall, and the viper didn’t bite her nor the horse. They offer this retablo as gratitude.

A pretty big black viper came to Saturnino Cardoso, and the horse almost threw me off. I thank.

October 23, 1938

Macaria Soto thanks for saving her donkey from the bite of a viper because the donkey has a perfect vision and saw the snake and killed it with her hoof. She thanks for that with this picture.

Zimapan, Hidalgo, 1952

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My daughter went to ride her pony at the ranch. She met a horned viper. The pony was so scared, it got on its hind legs and my daughter fell of right to the viper. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe’s miracle the viper didn’t bite her. Only looked at her and then went away. We thank the Virgin for saving our daughter from the deadly poison.

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