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Maria Perez gives thanks because the flying saucer wanted to abduct me but I invoked the Holy Heart, and it saved me.

Celaya, 1913

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The girl Lupita Corona was bitten by an evil dog when she was leaving the bakery shop. She went home, and her mother took care of her. But the fever wouldn’t go away, and they told her that the dog was rabid and the girl should be taken to the doctor. But the doctor said that the girl was about to die. Seeing her daughter’s trouble, she entrusted her to the Holy Mary of Guadalupe, promising wholeheartedly to order this retablo, because her daughter was suffering a lot. After that she began her recovery. Thanks to you now she’s alright. I bring you the promise for the received miracle.

Eternally grateful señora Lupe Hernandez and señor Jose Demetrio Corona
Guanajuato, 2–Nov–1941

I give infinite thanks to Saint George with this exvoto for having won the gran prix and the first place in the skeet shooting competition that took place in my town. The competition was tough, there was many good participants, but with my good marksmanship I was able to become the winner.

David Palomares ~ Moroleon, Guanajuato

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel for having worked a miracle of delivering me from the clutches of the vice of drugs. Every day I hallucinated that a demon abused my body, and the fear I felt made me take stronger drugs because I couldn’t control myself.

Zulema Buenrostro
San Miguel de Allende, Gto., 1979

I thank the Blessed souls for having heard me when I asked for help I needed when I opened my grocery shop. Now the business is growing, and thanks for delivering me from haters.

Sr. Martin Caporal
August 10, 1970, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Margarito Stivenson was contacted by two extraterrestrials who scared me a lot. I pay with this retablo.

Guanajuato, May 11, 1980

Juliana Orozco gives thanks with this retablo because Ku-Klux-Klan wanted to burn me alive.

Celaya, November 15, 1937

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For the last 25 years I’ve been working as a watchman in the Mummies museum in Guanajuato. Although it’s been a long time, I couldn’t get over the fear of staying with mummies at nights. I thank Saint Benedict for giving me his protection since I haven’t seen or experienced anything supernatural.

Abelino Gutiérrez \ Guanajuato, Mexico

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I liked my neighbor very much, and we had a secret affair because she was married. To see each other, we took advantage of her husband often going to business trips. But the other night he suddenly came home. I had to jump out naked through the window so he wouldn’t see me. I thank Saint Charles Borromeo for no one saw me and I could get home. I promise not to get involved with married women anymore.

Facundo R. — Leon, Guanajuato

Fermin Acosta brings this ex-voto thanking the Holy Heart because a she-devil didn’t do me any damage when she wanted to take me to hell.

Guanajuato, 1941

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When I was delivering bread an angry dog attacked me and I drop everything on the ground. Thanks to the Holy Heart I just dusted the bread off and nobody noticed it. This retablo is in memory of this.

Silao, Gto., 1965
Luis R.

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August 21, on his way to Salvatierra, near the Santa Cruz river, señor Isidor Hernandez, riding his horse, was burn by electric fire from a lightning bolt. He collapsed before crossing the river. The horse fell dead. Finding himself in such misfortune, he entrusted himself to the mercy of the Holy Child pf Atocha and got recovered. He dedicates this retablo in righteous acknowledgment and gives thanks.

September 1, 1930
Celaya, Guanajuato

Juana Cisneros brings this retablo giving thanks for she wasn’t bitten by a giant spider with a woman face. It looked very horrifying but nothing happened to me.

Irapuato, 1939

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