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Don Rogaciano Hernandez offers this retablo to Saint Joseph in order to thank for his son Sabino coming back home after working on the border for many years. Don thought he’d never see his son again.

Leon, Guanajuato

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I thank the Virgin of Mercy for inviting famous modern art collectors to my studio. They took all my sculpture to a gallery in Hermosillo, although they still haven’t paid me a dime.

Leon, May 1963

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Virgin of San Juan, thank for your favors. A cockfight was going on, and it seemed that my cock was going to win. I cheered him but then suddenly the other cock owner stab me in my eye. My eye fell off and I almost lost it. I thank the Virgin for enlightening the surgeon who worked on me.

Ambrosio Ibarra
Leon, Guanajuato, 1961