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We came out from the 8 o’clock mass and were walking with my daughter Eulalia down the street. Suddenly a horrible, hairy, stinking man with a tremendously giant knife jumped out before us. But how great was my surprise that it was Ruperto, my husband who ran away with Chola many years ago. But he was doing very badly, and now he was dying from hunger. The masters forgave him and he has come back to the estate.

Fulgencia Cruz

Michael the Archangel, I thank you because my suitors didn’t kill each other when they met in my house.

Lupita, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1962

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Many thanks, Holy Virgin Mary, fro your protection against this beast. Thanks to my knife it wouldn’t approach me. Thanks, thank you, Holy Virgin Mary.


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Thank you very much, Holy Virgin Mary, my dog Charro protected me from the attack of a man with a knife.


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I was very annoyed because my dogs followed me everywhere. But one day I was taking my proceeds to the bank, and a robber with a knife wanted to attack me. My dogs attacked him instead, and he had to ran away, having nothing but some good dog bites. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary because my dogs protect me very well.

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I implored the Virgin of Guadalupe so that my husband Pepe wouldn’t lose his fingers when he cut himself with the knife while working in the butcher shop. I give thanks because he is alright and didn’t lose his fingers.

Señora Azucena Ortiz, December 12, 1999

In Quiroga, Michoacan, October 23, 1947, the boy Jaime Sanchez was playing at the kitchen and stabbed his own hand with a knife. His parents thank Saint Paschal for the boy could recover, after having a great shock. They offer the present retablo.

The Sanchez family

We thank you, Virgin of Carmel, for saving us from my old lady who wanted to kill us only for chatting and making us comfortable.

Jose and girlfriend, Oaxaca, Mexico

Virgin of Carmel, thanks for saving me from being killed by my mother-in-law when she found out that I slept with her daughter before wedding and living together.

Fidel, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving my life and for I didn’t get pregnant after being attacked and raped by some villains.

Sofia Garcia Mendez
Mexico City, 1975

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Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle that my uncle Toño Lopez G. was saved when he was attacked by a giant crocodile. Thank you, my Mother.


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Señora Nayeli thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for her husband Daniel didn’t lose his arm when he cut himself with the knife while working in the butcher shop. She brings this retablo in gratitude.

October 17, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico City

Saint Sebastian, I dedicate you this [retablo] because my doggies El Canelo and La Negra (Cinnamon and Blackie) saved me from being stabbed by don Pedro’s son who got drunk and found out that I’m not a woman. I’m thankful for this miracle and ask you to look after my doggies, don’t let nothing happen to them.

Mexico City, June 12, 2012