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We came out from the 8 o’clock mass and were walking with my daughter Eulalia down the street. Suddenly a horrible, hairy, stinking man with a tremendously giant knife jumped out before us. But how great was my surprise that it was Ruperto, my husband who ran away with Chola many years ago. But he was doing very badly, and now he was dying from hunger. The masters forgave him and he has come back to the estate.

Fulgencia Cruz

In March 2016 James Eddy’s financial woes were mounting. He thought if he could work harder he could improve sales so he began to self medicate. After several sleepless months James convinced himself and then tried to convince his wife that he was under surveillance and a target of massive government investigation. Next year James was hospitalized and held in the psychiatric unit for evaluation. The nurse ordered James to fill a Dixie cup for tests and his discharge was contingent upon compliance but James was ashamed and terrified of his wife’s reaction if she learned the truth so he refused. A Mexican standoff ensued and on the eighth day the doctor blinked and nurse Ratchet cut James loose. It wasn’t long before his behavior became even more outrageous. Two officers came to his house to serve a stay away order with fifteen minutes to pack his bags and leave. The next several months he slept in his car and daily hotels when he could afford it. As time dragged on, and his situation grew more dire, he realized how badly he fucked up. He was wrong about many things. His good looks, charm and vivacious personality had not caught the attention of Angelina Jolie and despite his childhood dogs being named ‘William’ and ‘Harry’ he was not a member of the royal family. He missed his ex-wife and children so much he ached in his heart. James decided it was time to pick up the pieces of his life and turn over a new leaf so the new James told the old James to ‘fuck off.’ On December 31, 2019 he called out to God, his family and his friends and asked for their forgiveness. He got sober and in commemoration of this great miracle this retablo was offered.

San Francisco, California, February 27, 2020

On my tenth pregnancy, when I brought Luisita to the world, I went mad. One day I left the house and started wandering. I walked at the streets, they called me the Cat Lady, and I lived on the benches in the Alameda park. But one day Ruperto found me, and when I saw my baby I recovered. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Rosario Peña

With this retablo, I thank the Sacred Heart for all the blessings I received during the 2010–2011. I was waiting one year for my residence permit in Norway, during which I had no work permit, no money, no home, no family, no food or anything. But many angels along the way helped me.

07/03/2011, Oslo, Norway
Daniel Garcia

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The beggar Susano Perez went to sleep in an abandoned house. But because of the rain the house collapsed. Susano thanks Saint Jude for escaping alive although badly injured.

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I ask the Virgin of Guadalupe with all my heart to help to the kids from the streets and to all the poor men of this country.

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Roberto Fernandez became homeless and in order to survive he had to eat pigeons in the park. People looked at him with disgust. He thanks Saint Elias for he managed to get out of this situation.

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I have no home. And the Virgin looks after my stuff since I’m living on the street. Thanks.

R. V.

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I ask the Guardian angel of Mexico City to protect the homeless kids left to the mercy of fate and living in every corner of this biggest city in the world. Let’s do something because we also were children and some of us are parents.

Mexico City, 2000

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