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I give thanks to Saint Christopher for my husband hasn’t discovered my infidelity. He often makes business trips leaving me all alone at home. But our young height takes care of making my nights very pleasant. I promise to be discreet so that my Benito would never find out about this and wouldn’t ask me for a divorce.

Deborah Morales \ Tampico, Tamaulipas

My wife died and left my little daughter and me very lonely and sad, but the Virgin of Guadalupe felt sorry for us. I have seen my wife’s spirit taking care of our girl and I feel her lips giving me the good night kiss. I thank for this favor.

Luis Ramirez was caught by his wife while having sex with his neighbor. He thanks Holy Child of Atocha because the divorce wasn’t very expensive to him, although he caught an infection at this affair.

A strange being took my wife from the bed while she was sleeping. I tried to kick it but couldn’t get it. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for help, and thanks to her the being dropped my wife.

I was a horrible cook, and my mother used to say that nobody would ever marry me. But thanks to Saint Paschal I found a husband who loves cooking and do it very well. Cooking is his passion, and he prepares the most delicious dishes for me and our children. I thank Saint Paschal, the patron of the cooks.

With this humble retablo, I thank Saint Patrick because my husband hasn’t found out about my love affairs with the young and handsome plumber. My husband’s unique interest is watching his soccer games all day long, and there’s no attention for me. So I have to satisfy my woman needs with a real man.

Sofía N. ~ Torreón, Coahuila

Agustin Fernandez married a very jealous woman, and he suffered a lot. He prayed Saint Augustine, and with his help his wife calmed down her jealousy. Now they are very happy and thank for that infinitely.

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My husband Edilberto bet me one thousand pesos that I will never learn to drive. Although I had to face some troubles at the beginning, thanks to Saint Barbara I got my driving license. I teach my husband a lesson and got my thousand pesos.

April 17, 1967

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My neighbors were gossiping that my friend flirted with my husband. One day when I met her near the laundry sinks on the roof I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors turned out to be pure lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us ever again.

Francisca Cruz ~ Villahermosa, Tabasco

Rosa Carrasco used to wake up with TV. But one day she saw her late husband on it. She prayed the Virgin of San Juan, and the ghost of her husband stopped molesting her.

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Bernabe Gonzalez used to beat his wife. But one day she had enough of it, so while her husband was sleeping, she tied him to the bed with the belt and gave him a lesson. Bernabe got so scared that he promised to St. Pancras to not be violent with his wife.

Pachuca, 1935

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My husband entered in the mid-life crisis. As much conservative he had been, he suddenly became a hippy. The worst part was that he left his office job and started to paint. He even painted our house in various colors. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would bring him back to his senses. But the Holy Virgin, in her infinite wisdom, made so that one gallery began to buy his paintings. Now they have bought all his works because it turned out he was really a good artists. I want also to thank the Virgin because he has repainted our house back in white.

I married Jose a year after he became a widower when his first wife died on the day of the wedding because of indigestion after eating too much. Turned out that the ghost of the first wife was very jealous. She began to appear at nights with the angry face and scared me a lot. Then I ordered a novena for her soul, and it made the ghost to go away and rest in peace. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because now I’m happy with Jose.