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My wife decorated the house for the Day of the Dead, and according to her it was so beautiful that she wouldn’t remove the decorations. I was scared and disturbed feeling that the dead were watching me the whole time. I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was not even able to read my newspaper peacefully. The Virgin helped me, and for Christmas my wife decided to change the decoration. And I truly don’t care if she wants to leave the nativity and the Christmas tree for the whole year.

My husband used to come home very tired. He had no energy for intimate things, and that worried me. I prayed Saint Thomas Aquinas for help, and the next day my friend gave me a seafood recipe. I prepared it, and it turned out to be a very strong aphrodisiac. It gave so much power to my husband that we had a great night of unbridled passion, for which I thank.

Ana Rodriguez ~ Veracruz

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I used to drink pulque with my buddy every day, but one night that witch my mother-in-law and my wife kicked me off the bar with their brooms. I thank Saint Raymond for I didn’t become an idiot after so many blows since that old nag was absolutely furious and was hitting me with all her might. I promise to stop drinking because it’s better to not mess with these women.

Eulogio Coronel \ Teziutlan, Puebla

Nicolasa Andrade brings the present retablo to Saint Pancras thanking him infinitely for her masters Diego and Frida contracted marriage because she loves them very much.

Mexico, 1932

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On his day, I prepare for my late husband Ramiro his favorite dish. Thanks.

Because of strong winds and rains our corral collapsed. We had to move the animals to the house, and my husband was so lazy, he didn’t repair the corral. I couldn’t stand the animals at every corner of the house. Finally the Holy Virgin made a miracle. Once my husband woke up kissing a pig thinking it was me. This made him repair the corral. I give infinite thanks for that.

1939, my buddy caught me with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Raymond because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all, and I only got scared.

Macario M.
Mexico, 1939

My dear Christ of the Sacromonte always helps me when I’m in trouble with my wife’s family.

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for weaning my husband off his mistresses, drinks and damned gambling.

Ana Luisa A.da Rocha
Garanhuns, Pernambuco

My wife and I thank Saint Victor with the present retablo because we were able to buy a big and very private house since we enjoy to walk around the house naked all the time. We were renting a small house before, and it was hard to be naked because our neighbors lived very close.

My husband is very boring and conservative when it comes to love. He doesn’t satisfy me as I want. So when he goes in business trips I invite a young handsome neighbor to our house. I thank Saint Barbara for my husband hasn’t found out about my infidelity since I only do this because of my woman needs.

Sabina M. \ Mexicali, Baja California

Every time when it was raining my wife put all the animals inside the house so they wouldn’t wet and sick. Then my wife went to sleep peacefully, and I couldn’t close my eyes. I was afraid that an egg might fall on my head or the pig would start licking my face. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we finally saved enough money to build a shed and a henhouse. Now the animals sleep there without getting wet, and I don’t have them around my bed.

Señora Alicia Vasquez used to have a dream about her late husband’s skeleton who came back from the dead and licked her feet. She thanks Saint Elias with the present retablo for delivering her from these nightmares.