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My buddy Jasinto is a drunkard, party goer, gambler and womanizer. Holy Virgin make him behave well and deliver him from hell.

Don Carmelo Sanchez thanks Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping his rooster El Giro to win the fight on the town arena and made him win a lot of money to pay his debts.

Guanajuato, 1947

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for liberating me from temptations of gambling and drinking.

Germano Oliveira — Viçosa, AL — 04/04/07

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for weaning my husband off his mistresses, drinks and damned gambling.

Ana Luisa A.da Rocha
Garanhuns, Pernambuco

Enrique Sandoval used to slack off and didn’t pay his gambling debts. Until one day they caught him, beat him and even threatened to saw off his leg. He thanks Saint Elias they didn’t do it and promises to amend.

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My wife Rosario had the sin of playing cards. She used to go to play to the Lopez every Tuesday and Thursday. And by Mondays and Fridays her friends came to play at our house. She didn’t pay any attention to me and our baby. I thank the Virgin for curing my wife from this bad habit.

Evaristo Martinez got a bullet in his buttock for not paying his gambling debts. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his recovery and promises to not gamble anymore.

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I had the vice of playing Uruguayan canasta. Suddenly, at nights, some devils began to appear. They played cards, and I understood it’s a warning from the heavens that if I wouldn’t stop playing cards I would be damned. I was very frightened, and I prayed Saint Barbara to chase the demons away. I promise to play only on Thursdays. Thanks to my prayers and this promise the devils didn’t come back.

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I, don Alejandro Sotogrande, offer this retablo to the Virgin of the Holy Heart because thanks to her divine intervention I was able to beat this fool Faustino Rondo in cards and win all his property and his cattle. Now I’m the richest landowner in the whole Sonora.

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As testimony of my eternal gratitude I thank Saint Michael the Archangel with the present retablo for keeping my rooster Valiente (Valiant) in good health. He made me win a lot of money fighting in the cockpits. And I have a special feeling for him since it was my father’s gift to me.

Venustiano Jimenez
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Enrique Perez didn’t pay his gambling debt in time. The collectors came to him and severely broke his knee. He thank the Virgin of San Juan for his recovery, and he borrowed money to pay out.

Jasinto Gonzalez offers this retablo to the Holy Child of Atocha because Blue Demon won the fight, so Jasinto got a lot of dough from the bet.

Puebla, 1958

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Virgin of San Juan, thank for your favors. A cockfight was going on, and it seemed that my cock was going to win. I cheered him but then suddenly the other cock owner stab me in my eye. My eye fell off and I almost lost it. I thank the Virgin for enlightening the surgeon who worked on me.

Ambrosio Ibarra
Leon, Guanajuato, 1961