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I’m thankful for the Day of the Skeleton.

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The night of the Day of Dead, I woke up to drink a glass of water and got very frightened seeing the dead eating the food from the altar we made in honor of my grand-mother. I prayed Saint Michael the Archangel so that he would rest their souls. And right that moment, they disappeared. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Teofilo Guzman
Tlaxcala, 1958

The evening of November 2, the Day of the Dead, in the vicinity of San Javier, Pancho Garcia and his donkey ran into a wandering dead soul. Pancho entrusted himself to the Holy Child of Atocha and could escape with his donkey from the danger. He thanks for that.


The Day of the Dead, the dead came out of their graves to have fun. They choose my tepacheria place to dance and play music. I was scared, and all customers who were alive ran away. I thought I was going to earn nothing and only to lose money that night. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe the skeletons turned out to be good clients. When they went away—because of the rooster—they left me various gold coins which were very valuable.

Tepacheria is a bar where they serve tepache, a fermented beverage made from the pineapple peel.

We went fishing at dawn. Suddenly we heard laughs and music. Then we saw a boat on which a lot of skeletons were celebrating the Day of the Dead. They called us to join their party. We prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her a strong wave took us away from them. We managed to come back home safe and sound.

On the Night of the Dead, our friends, my husband and I were going to the capital. We stopped to have a rest and to eat in a remote village in San Luis Potoci. We noticed there was a hall where the celebration was going on. So we decided to dance a little. But at the midnight all the inhabitants of the village turned into skeletons. We got scared and ran away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the dead men didn’t do anything to us.

One October night, I went to sing a serenade to my girlfriend. I was singing to her and heard enthusiastic applause. When I turned back, I saw skeletons cheerfully applauding me. My girlfriend and I got very scared. Thanks goodness, her window was opened, so I jumped into her room, although we had some problems with her parents after because of that. I thank the Virgin to not leave me to the bony dead’s mercy.

My father didn’t like that I was going out with Raul. But we loved each other. So we kept dating, but we met at the cemetery at night so nobody from the town would see us. One of those nights, we saw a couple of skeletons. They came out of their graves, and he was swearing her his eternal love. We were so overwhelmed with what we saw, the next day, I announced to my father that if he wouldn’t allow Raul visiting me at home, I’d run with him (?). Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe he understood me, so we can date openly.

My fiancé came to visit me. He brought his musicians, and we danced till the dawn. Thanks for he didn’t take me with him.

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My sister and I went to the town to buy tortillas. When we were passing by a forest we saw skeletons. They appeared from the woods and started chasing us. We were holding our babies and we couldn’t ran very fast. We were scared but the Virgin of Zapopan protected us. The skeletons began to lose their bones and they stopped to pick up their arms and legs. We managed to escape and ran to the church to thank the Holy Virgin.

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Higinio Snachez was taking care of the graves when suddenly the skeleton of his mother-in-wife appeared to him and gave him her jewelry. Higinio thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because his mother-in-law at least after dying stopped being a bitch.

Señora Malena hit her head at the market. When she gained her consciousness she found out all the inhabitants turned into skeletons. <…> She thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for <…> everything was back to normal.