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What a joy to come to play with my loyal friend. Thanks.

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Lord of Chalma, thank you for saving me another day when I was near the well and skeletons came from it. They wanted to take me with them. I thank you.

Victoriano Diaz
Guanajuato, November 4, 1940

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On All Saints’ night, I was walking down the street and suddenly saw a ghost carriage approaching me. To my great fear I heard the driver inviting me to take a ride with him. I prayed Saint Michael to save me, and eventually the ghost disappeared. I bring this retablo for such a great miracle.

Victoriano Sanchez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

Pacomio Jimenez thanks for being saved when mermaids-skeletons scared him and almost drowned him.

Veracruz, August 11, 1942

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Inocencio Fernandez was in the bar, being well drunk after a lot of mescal. He began to see many skeletons around him. One of them asked him “Why you are alone?” It was the Death in person who tried to take him. He thanks Saint Michael for he could escape, running out of the bar, safe and sound before he died on that November 2. He promised to amend his ways.

My father didn’t like that I had a boyfriend, so Alejandro and I had to meet secretly. One night we were at the cemetery where no one could see us. We were sitting on a grave and talking when we heard a music. We saw the dead leaving their graves and having a party. They played instruments and danced. We were very much frightened. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for we could escape and the skeletons didn’t see us.

The night of the Day of the Dead, a pair of skeletons asked me to give them a ride under the moonlight. Since I was half-drunk and needed money, I agreed. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for they didn’t take me to their graves at the dawn.

November, Day of the Dead, a unrested ghost appeared to me. I immediately sobered up and prayed Saint Michael whom I thank now for protecting me so I can escape this danger.

Lucas Perez
Cholula, 1917

My son Paquito had a fever. He had hallucinations with skeletons that were flying around him. They laughed and wanted to take him with them. I was scared and I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, so she would bring down his temperature. Finally she heard my prayers. Carlitos had no more fever and even started to eat. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

Day of the Dead, the Martinez brothers, Bartolo, Tiburcio and Joaquin, came home and got frightened because an unrested soul appeared to them. The brothers thank the Holy Child of Atocha for the short didn’t hurt them.

Uruapan, 1915

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Thank you, Virgin, for letting my buddy and me stay in the world of living.

Rodrigo Hernandez, 1965

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November 2, Basilio and Eladio Perez went to the cemetery to drink and met one mister who sat on a grave. He wanted to give them a chest full of gold so they would keep enjoying their sin, but suddenly the brothers realized it was a skeleton who spoke with them. They thank Saint James the Apostle for they managed to escape safe and sound. They promise to cut down on booze and respect the dead.

Oaxaca, 1950

November 2, Day of the Dead, my buddy’s ghost came to the bar and wanted to pass some shots with me. I got scared and wanted to run away, but he pushed me down and broke my hand. I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for I didn’t kick the bucket.

Susano Camayo, Tlaxcala, 1920