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My children and I give infinite thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe for taking care of us on our way across the border because the guide who took us to the United States betrayed and left us alone in the desert. But thanks to her divine help we managed to get through it.

Sonora, Mexico

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I got lost in Sonora desert on my way to the United States. After two days of thirst and hunger, I implored Saint Charbel, and I found water between rocks. Then I stuffed myself with some lizards, and after that I was saved. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

Remigio Peres, 1940

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I tried to cross the desert and get to the another side. I walked meaninglessly for many hours, and then I began to feel sick. I decided to take a rest. I sat down, and a scorpion stung my hand. I though I was going to die. In that moment, a devil himself appeared before me and offered to save me in exchange for my soul. I prayed the Virgin for help… and managed to get to the hospital alive. I give thanks.

Ruperto, Sonora, 2020

We ask Holy Death to return well after crossing the Arizona desert and delivering the coke to get some dollars for our families in Sonora.

Mexico, Sep. 2017, The Walker

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Tragedy on the Honeymoon

At the sea in San Carlos, Mexico, I thank Teta Kawi for granting me the miracle of finding my snorkel mask! Without my mask I couldn’t have seen all the beautiful marine life. I’m very thankful, to your honor!

July 2017

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We wholeheartedly thank Saint Toribio Romo for helping my little brother and me to cross the border. We wanted to see our mother again, because few years ago she went to work in United States leaving us with our grandmother. Thanks to his divine mercy we survived the tough desert and can reunite with our mother again.

Teodoro y Jacinto Rios — Sonora, Mexico

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I, don Alejandro Sotogrande, offer this retablo to the Virgin of the Holy Heart because thanks to her divine intervention I was able to beat this fool Faustino Rondo in cards and win all his property and his cattle. Now I’m the richest landowner in the whole Sonora.

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The Masked Chameleon brings this retablo to Saint Rita of Cascia thanking for the victory at the regional wrestling championship when he won over the gringo wrestler, Tony Brown Johnson, a very strong and rough opponent.

Hermosillo, Sonora

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I thank the Virgin of Mercy for inviting famous modern art collectors to my studio. They took all my sculpture to a gallery in Hermosillo, although they still haven’t paid me a dime.

Leon, May 1963

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The Corona brothers thank Saint Cecily for wining a musical contest and for having a tremendous success with their band “The Northern Chameleons”.

Caborca, Sonora, 1992

With this retablo, I want to thank Saint Luke for having the record of pigeons shot in one day and for having such an excellent physique to keep doing what I like to do the most—hunting.

Reynaldo Toledo
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora

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Gilberto Mendoza went for a picnic with his family. Suddenly his son was attacked by a deer which kicked him up in the air. Thanks to Saint Charbel the family managed to scare the deer away and his son suffered only minor injuries.

Empalme, Sonora

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She was born October 15, 1873. She was 12 years 3 months and 15 days old when she died in January of 1885, at 10:30 am. And at 10 p.m., during the vigil for her, she rose from the dead with help and mercy of All-Holy God. We bring this retablo for the miracle.

Cabora, Sonora

Teresa Urrea (1873–1906), also known as Santa Teresa of Cabora, was a mexican folk healer. She experienced religious visions and believed she had the gift of healing.

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