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I got lost in Sonora desert on my way to the United States. After two days of thirst and hunger, I implored Saint Charbel, and I found water between rocks. Then I stuffed myself with some lizards, and after that I was saved. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

Remigio Peres, 1940

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The factory near the village dumped the toxic wastes into the river, and the animals and fish were dying. All the village was at risk of dying of hunger. We prayed the saints to make the water clean as before. Then the factory grew and they paid the politicians not to impede toxic water dumping. Now no one can live there, not the animals, not the fish, nothing.

Angela Serrano, December 20, 1991

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We had serious financial difficulties. We had no money to feed the family, let alone the animals. So they had to provide for themselves. They looked at me with their hungry eyes, and I felt terribly sorry. I thank Saint Francis because bad times have passed. Now we have enough money and I give the animals double portions in order to make up for their sufferings.

When food was going scarce in our village, an amazing miracle happened. Fish began to appear in the Melquiades Alcantara’s well. And a lot of fish. We thank Saint Francis for his infinite kindness and this marvelous gift. Now we all have food in abundance.

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The neighbor’s dogs came and eat up the dinner that I was preparing, while I went to answer the phone. I was very angry and I began kicking them out with a broom. But then I saw their hungry faces, and it touched my heart. Now I bring the leftovers to the patio so the dogs could eat, because my neighbor starves them.

We were going through financial difficulties and we had no money to buy food for the family. And we had nothing to give to the animals so they had to provide for themselves. They looked at me with starving eyes, and I felt so bad. I thank the Virgin because our situation got better and now we had enough money. And I give double portion to the animals in order to make it up for them.

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My husband and my son were bewitched by a mermaid singing. These fools wouldn’t fish. They came back home with no fish. Finally they realized that we had nothing to eat or to sell at the market. We were dying from hunger. So then they put corks in their ears for not to be bewitched. They were able to fish again, and I thank the Virgin for we have food on our table again.

My dog was very hungry because with so many work to do I forgot to feed it. The animal pulled the mushroom soup on the floor and ate a lot of it. But afterwards it got sick. It seems there was a poisonous mushroom in the soup. I thanks Saint Paschal for the pet doctor gave serum and other medicine to the dog and saved the animal. Because the dog keeps my company and I love it very much—almost like my children.

Saint Barbara helped a widow with fishing and saved the woman and her baby from hunger.

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I lived happy with my cats, but sometimes we had no food because my salary was very small. Also I needed a man. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I met a milkman Jose, who proposed me. He is a very good man. He sheltered us. He loves me, and my cats don’t starve anymore, because they have fresh milk every day.

My dog was very hungry because with so many work to do I forgot to feed it. The animal pulled the mushroom soup on the floor and ate a lot of it. But afterwards it got sick. It seems there was a poisonous mushroom in the soup. I thanks Saint Paschal for the pet doctor gave serum and other medicine to the dog and saved the animal. Because I love this dog very much and it keeps my company.