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Miss Concepción Torres brings this humble retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua for the miracle that the young Jasinto Lopez has responded to her love with a serenade in which he asked for her hand. Now they are very happy together.

Celaya, Guanajuato

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I lied to my boyfriend out of fear and told him that I was a secretary while in fact I was working as a stripper. I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus because when he proposed to me I revealed my secret, and he didn’t get angry. He understood me showing that he truly loves me and is not ashamed by my profession.

Esmeralda H. \ Tijuana, Baja California

Jorge Gutierrez had an idea to propose to his girlfriend dressing as clown without knowing that she is afraid of them. He thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for he didn’t kill her with a heart attack.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I dedicate this retablo to you for helping me to met a good man who loves me and who have proposed to me despite of me being a prostitute. I thank you and bring this to your altar.

Carmen Hernandez
Merced, Mexico City, 2004

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I took Dorita for a boat ride down the river. I planed to read her some poetry and declare my love to her. But when we passed the old cemetery down the river we saw dead men. They had come out their grave and were dancing, gathering flowers and waving to us. Dorita was so frightened that I though she’d never accept my proposal after this ride. However, thank to the Virgin of Guadalupe she agreed to marry me despite everything.

I bring this retablo as testimony of gratitude to Saint Anthony of Padua who made so that Lolita became my fiancée. I was afraid she’d reject me since I wasn’t of equal position with her. But I loved her so much. Now we’re happy together, and her family has accepted our relationship.

Maximino Cruz

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I made a very delicious cake for my daughter Marcela’s commitment dinner. But unfortunately my younger children are very gluttonous, so they ate almost the entire cake. But luckily—and forgive me God!—my daughter’s fiancé got measles, which he caught from his little sister. The dinner was canceled. And I’m immensely grateful to the Virgin of San Juan because the parents of the fiancé are very stiff and haughty and I didn’t know how to deal with such an embarrassing situation.

Rodrigo Alcantara, the most handsome bachelor in the area, proposed to me. He said that I had won his heart with my food. In fact, I’m very proud about my cooking skills so I gladly agreed to marry Rodrigo. I thanks Saint Anthony for the happy marriage.

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I bring this retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua thanking him for the miracle. He helped me to find a very gallant, romantic and handsome husband who brings joy to my life. At my age, I thought I would stay alone, and now I’m the envy of all my friends.

Delfina Covarrubias
Dolores, Hidalgo

Pedro Munguia and Rosa L. were caught having sex in shower. They thank Saint Raymond with this retablo for they were pardoned, and now they’re going to get married.

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for Federico Rodriguez asked my hand in marriage. I was overwhelmed and said yes because he said he loves me more than his cow. He won that cow and goes everywhere with her. I don’t mind my boyfriend being eccentric because he is so cute, and the cow is really beautiful.

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I thank Saint Sebastian because Ray proposed to me after one year of living together, although his family doesn’t accept our relationship. I offer this retablo for this.

Ray & Felix
February 14, 2013

When I broke my leg, Jose Luis Medina visited me every day. He brought me flowers and chocolates and helped me to start walking again. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for such a caring suitor. I’m even thinking to accept his marriage proposal.

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