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Mercedes Cataño is grateful to the Holy Lord of Chalma because Santiago proposed to her after she was told that he had married and wouldn’t come back but it wasn’t true.

San Mateo Tlaltenango, 1930

Andrew fell off the front of the Pride float and was nearly crushed under it. He gives infinite thanks to the Blessed Divine for the handsome man who grabbed him and saved his life was also into latex. They started dating and after nearly ten years they are getting married in 2020.

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1937, in Mexico, Juaquin Fernandez found himself in a difficult situation when he was caught under his girlfriend’s bed and taken for a thief. He entrusted himself to Saint Raymond and didn’t suffer any harm but got married instead. He gives thanks for such a unique favor.

I give due thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because Romualdo Reyes, the most handsome young man in the town, payed attention to me and asked my father for my hand in marriage. Despite my neighbors’ jealousy, our love will be growing more and more for which I dedicate this exvoto, with all my heart.

Columba Zaragoza ~ Saltillo, Coahuila

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I thank Saint Anthony because the famous and handsome wrestler Sacred Mask paid me attention and now we are a couple and are going to get married.

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Augustine for having met a good man who loves me and wants me as I am. He’s just made me a marriage proposal, and my past as prostitute didn’t affect him. Because of my type of living, I didn’t imagine I’d find love, and now I’m very happy with the opportunity to have a family.

Selene R. ~ Tijuana, Baja California

A young man Juan Garcia fervently thanks Saint Anthony with the present retablo because when he was swimming in the river he met a beautiful woman and now they are going to get married.

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My fiancée’s brother was so jealous that we had to hide our engagement. In order to spend more time together, she got an idea to dress me up like a woman so I could pass for her friend. I thank Saint Sebastian for her brother had to go to work in another country because he was already falling in love with me. Now my fiancée and I are free.

Cesar Morales — Oaxaca, Mexico

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I’m offering you this retablo for getting me out from the life of prostitution and abuse. I met a good man who loves me and doesn’t care about my past. He proposed to me and I’m letting know about my happiness.

Laura M. The Hot Girl
Merced, Mexico City, 20006

I got this great idea to propose to my Chabelita in a trajinera-boat at Xochimilco. I thought it would be very romantic. But then I got so nervous I slipped and I fell into lake. I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because I didn’t lose the ring—it fell inside the boat—and, despite this embarrassing moment, my fiancée said “yes” which made me very happy.

Ramiro Tellez, Mexico City

B. S. liked when his lover put a cowgirl costume on and rode him. He gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel with this retablo because she fulfills his fetish and they are even going to get married.

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Maria offers this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude because Felipe asked my hand in marriage. My father wanted me to marry don ***, the storekeeper. I prayed to you because I was in love with Felipe, and now we are together.

Celaya, Guanajuato, May 1929

I bring this retablo as testimony of gratitude to Saint Anthony of Padua who made so that Lolita became my fiancée. I was afraid she’d reject me since I wasn’t of equal position with her. But I loved her so much. Now we’re happy together, and her family is happy as well.

Benito Cruz — Guanajuato, 1946

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