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I’m infinitely grateful to the Virgin of San Juan for being able to participate, along with my idol Santo, the Silver Mask, in one of his classic movies “The Mummies of Guanajuato”. I was an extra and was hired to play one of the mummies. Although my face wasn’t seen because of the mask put on me and señor Santo hit me, I remained very happy for living this experience.

Romualdo Romero \ Guanajuato, Mexico

Give me strength, Virgin of Guadalupe, to continue with the wrestling so I can support my daughter.

Bety the Ugly

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— We’ve already paid!

The Son of Santo thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because on May 17, 2018, when he came back after a fight and saw some collectors behaving too haughty with his wife, he gave some boxing to those three collectors, until a neighbor started shooting.

The great wrestler El Santo thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for delivering him from the evil that attacked him and wanted to take him away.

Mexico City, Mexico, 1965

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I took the mask off Robot, my greatest enemy in wrestling, and won a lot of money. Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for this triumph.

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My gratitude to Saint Jude for looking after me in my fights.

Red Angel

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El Santo thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for winning the wrestling championship.

January 11, 1979, Arena Mexico

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Petra Godines thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for that miracle that El Santo beat the Caveman Galindo when they fought in the “Constantino” movie theater, in Puebla, in 1954, because she bet her friend two turkeys.

I thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my idol The Silver Arm held his world champion title by winning Silver King in two of three matches.

Alejandro R. Tacubaya, Mexico City
September 2, 1992

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April 21, Blue Demon won the wrestling championship title in a fight. Thanks, Holy Virgin.


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I bring the present retablo to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for letting me dedicate my life to what I’m passion about—the wrestling. I thank for my successful career that was crowned that night when I won the mask of my arch-rival Avenger Bat Jr., earning the admiration of the audience and applause.

Super Atomico

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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I thank Saint Benedict for helping me to keep my great secret that in reality it’s my wife who is the boss in our house and I’m just a henpecked husband. If it became known, it would damage my tough image among the fans and I’d be a joke for my fellows wrestlers. I bring this humble retablo.

The wrestler Black Storm ~ Mexico City

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Ramon Telles got drunk and went flirting with a girlfriend of a wrestler, but the wrestler kicked his ass. He thanks Saint Jude because he just got out of the hospital…