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Dominga Ruiz was alone with her cats when an abusive robber paid her a visit. He threatened her with death, and she implored Saint Teresa whom she thanks, with fervent devotion, because her cats defended her, and the robber got badly screwed and ran away.

Puebla, 1920

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Graciela Morales came to her grandparents’ house and found them having sex. She fervently thanks Saint Rita of Cascia with the present retablo for helping her to overcome the trauma from such scene.

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I very much love going to the wrestling. But the other night, after the performances, I decided to pass through a deserted alley. Suddenly a robber jumped on me and grabbed my bag. I thank Saint Rita of Cascia because my idol the Eagle Prince was passing by. He heard my screams and ran to help me. He caught the robber, and now I admire him even more.

Lolita Gallardo, Mexico City

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I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon thanking him because my grandmother Petra instilled me love for the kitchen since childhood. She was a great cook, and I inherited this from her. I discovered my vocation, and I’m a professional chef now. I proudly bring the taste of the traditional Mexican cuisine to the entire world.

Catalina Muñoz / Oaxaca, Mexico

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When I was very young, I had a beautiful experience of meeting Pedro Infante in person. He was shooting a movie in a few blocks from my house. Every day I was going to look him acting, and one day, after the filming, he came to me and gave me his sombrero. I thank Saint James the Apostle for having lived this moment which I never forget and for having this memory about my idol.

Teresita Islas \ Mexico City

Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin of Calendaria, we are thankful. Our house got on fire, and our grandmother stayed inside. Thanks to the Virgin’s help, the firemen arrived in time to save my granny.

Zacatecas 26–2–1935
Roberta and Minerva Cuevas

Raul Martinez thanks the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo because she helped him to save enough money to buy a hearing device to his grandpa. His life has become much easier.

Thank you Jesus for I didn’t kill my grandma after I jumped wearing my supergirl cape. I really thought I could fly. But now I know I can’t believe everything I see on tv.

Flying girl, 6 years

Since I lived in my grand-mommy’s house, whenever I had a girlfriend and invited her to the house, my grand-mommy would kick her out because she wouldn’t let me have girls until she decided so. In my 25, she treated me like a boy. I give thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for I finally began to live alone and finally can live my life freely.

Brayan Perez, Puebla

I got a message that my grandmother was seriously ill in a neighboring village and that I had to hurry to see her. As it was very late and there was no bus, I decided to walk with my kids. It was a long way, and my son who was still very young, was tired. I was exhausted as well because I had to carry the baby. Then a friendly and beautiful nagual appeared to us. He told us not to worry, that my grandmother was better and we could take a rest. We sat down for a while, and the luminous nagual surrounded by shiny insects told us beautiful stories. Having rested, we continue our journey, and when we arrived my grandmother was much better and very happy to see us. I thank the Virgin for this miracle.

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Doña Romanita Montiel felt very lonely, that’s why she implored Saint Pancras, and the next day a neighbor presented her to the painter Frida Kahlo who gave her a parrot. Now she’s not so lonely, and she’s infinitely grateful for that, although the parrot is very insolent.

Puebla, 1937

Anselmo Barrientos was resting after the work in the field. He was drinking pulque when the bony Death appeared. Anselmo wasn’t a young man, but still he had no desire to die yet. He prayed the Lord of Blue Eye. The Lord scared the Death away, and it left Anselmo in peace.

Texcoco, Mexico, 1923

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Vicenta Gutierrez brings this retablo to Saint Anthony giving him infinite thanks because, despite having seven children, he sent her a man who is ready to take her with the kids and her grandmother as well.

Puebla, 1935

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