Saint Anthony

San Antonio

I got this great idea to propose to my Chabelita in a trajinera-boat at Xochimilco. I thought it would be very romantic. But then I got so nervous I slipped and I fell into the lake. I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because I didn’t lose the ring—it fell inside the boat—and, despite this embarrassing moment, my fiancée said “yes” and made me very happy.

Genaro Roldan, Mexico City

Guillermo Torres give thanks to Saint Anthony for helping him to find his true love with Erick Joan who in three months showed him that he can cook very deliciously. God forgives him for being faggots but he asks to let them be happy for many years.

Villa de Cortes, August 30, 2021

I, Casimiro Vergara, give thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for not losing my head when I climbed up to repair tv-antenna and discovered my son playing wrestling in my lucky underwear with his best friend. I almost fell down the roof after seeing it. I promised to pay an air-ballon trip for my son and his friend, walk the laika and commission this exvoto painted by E. Espin.

Tilzapotla, Morelos, 2011

Raquel Garcia dressed up as Wonder Woman for a party and picked up a very handsome man. She testifies her gratitude to Saint Anthony, with this retablo, for her good luck.

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Federico Mendoza suffered from having a big penis because it scared all the women away. Then he entrusted himself to Saint Anthony whom he brings this retablo in gratitude because the saint made so that Federico finally met a woman who takes it whole.

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Señorita Juanita Robles brings the present retablo to Saint Anthony giving him infinite thanks because he made so that she finally found a husband, although he’s in his sixties.

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One day my husband Jose went to the United States to work, and I never heard again from him. I open a fruit shop to support my children, and the things went good thanks to Saint Anthony. The Saint made me another miracle as well. On October 15, 1964, after three years of absence, I received a postcard from my Jose who told me that he was coming back.

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for granting me with the miracle of finding my love. In my age, I was ready to remain a old maid, but then one day Vicente came to my life. Now, when we are married, I’m very happy and I understood that love knows no age.

Leonor Rosales ~ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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I wholeheartedly thank Saint Anthony of Padua for delivering my son Valentin from a love pain caused by an evil woman who cheated on him. That’s why he was spending all his time drinking. I was heart-broken. But thanks to the divine intervention, my boy is back to work now. He’s calm and peaceful now, and I bring this retablo for that.

Eduviges Salazar — Guanajuato, Mexico

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Rosamaria Morales was drowning and was saved by a very handsome lifeguard. She fervently thanks Saint Anthony with the present retablo because now they are dating.

I liked señorita Leonor del Castillo very much because she was the prettiest girl in town. But she was infamous for being very arrogant and strict with her suitors. That’s why I prayed Saint Anthony, and he worked a miracle for me so she accepted my courtship.

Fausto Reinoso — Aguascalientes

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I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Anthony of Padua, with the present retablo, for bringing back my Ponciano alive. He was gone with general Zapata’s troops to fight and I was afraid I’d never see him again. But now we are together and happy with our six kids.

Clementina Cruz ~ Chilpancingo, Guerrero

I thank Saint Anthony because I married a good man who loves me and the animals. He accepted me with my monkey, dogs, cats and parrot. Now we all live happily on his ranch.