Saint Anthony

San Antonio

Alejandra Martinez was a radical feminist until one day a big biker won her heart. She brings this retablo to Saint Anthony thanking him beaus now she’s very happy to live without having to fight with men.

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The young man Carlos B. thanks Saint Anthony of Padua with this retablo because his neighbor shows him striptease in the window every night and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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We thank Saint Anthony. Although the goat was very stubborn and the piglet wouldn’t walk so we had to carry him, we were able to bring them to the Blessing of Animals.

I’ve always been a romantic person, and I’ve had many disappointments in love. But now I thank saint Anthony because I met the man of my dreams. He’s also very romantic, and his feelings have been hurt as well. I think now we are going to be happy forever, he and I.

I thank Saint Anthony for a beautiful wedding. I married a man I love very much and who loves me.

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The maid Rafaila Gomez was very lonely so she entrusted herself to Saint Anthony and caught the piano teacher. She brings this retablo for Saint Anthony thanking him for she didn’t end up with a drunkard.

Puebla, 1920

Miss Concepción Torres brings this humble retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua for the miracle that the young Jasinto Lopez has responded to her love with a serenade in which he asked for her hand. Now they are very happy together.

Celaya, Guanajuato

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During her tourist trip to Puebla, the Italian Antonella Peruzzi met a young painter Baltazar Mendez in the artistic neighborhood. She thanks Saint Anthony of Padua for having met in him the love she was always looking for. She married him and stayed to live in this beautiful city and wonderful country.


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Nicolas Romero lost his hand and felt very depressed. He thanks Saint Anthony with the retablo for he found a girlfriend with a fetish and now they enjoy very strong love pleasures.

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Every time I went to sell the flowers to the town square, a very happy young man used to pass by and salute me. I liked him a lot. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Anthony because that man finally decided to ask me to court me and now we are couple—my Aurelio and I.

Remedios Pascual, Zacatecas

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My husband was constantly playing chess with his friend Lucas who was a big love of chess also. He didn’t pay me any attention, we didn’t go out. I thank Saint Anthony for he gave me an idea to learn chess myself instead of being bored. I have become so good, I outplay my husband. Since he doesn’t like to lose, now he prefers to go out with me or to take me to the movies.

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I met a handsome young man on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. I began to suspect that he was gay, because every time he passed by he glanced at me smiling. Also, he liked pink towels. I thank Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers, because I tried my luck and talked with him, and now we’re a couple.

I thank Saint Anthony for I found such man as my fiancé Remigio to get married. He is an excellent man, and his dog have befriended my dog. I already can see a future romance between them. This gives me a lot of happiness on this day of my wedding, because we both love our dogs very much and couldn’t live without them.

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