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San Luis Potosi, 31-12-1960

Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for protecting me on the New Year’s night when a thief broke into my apartment. The most valuable thing I had was my saxophone, but he didn’t know that it was under my bed. The thief had enough time to take out everything, and I slept like a log. But he didn’t know that a neighbor noticed him in a window. Thanks to the Virgin, the police caught him and I got my things back.

Vicente Lucas

I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for granting me with the miracle of finding my love. In my age, I was ready to remain a old maid, but then one day Vicente came to my life. Now, when we are married, I’m very happy and I understood that love knows no age.

Leonor Rosales ~ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Rutilio Prado was in the field and ate a peyote and saw many bizarre things that scared me a lot because there were colors and figures that spoke to me, but you delivered me from this bad trip.

San Luis Potosi, 1962

In times of the Revolution I was unlucky to run into bandits who weren’t satisfied by taking my horse and my belongings but also decided to hang me on a tree. I wholeheartedly entrusted myself to the Virgin of San Juan, and when they left leaving me hanging there the rope miraculously broke down saving my life.

Leandro Garcia ~ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The patriarchy won’t fell, we will bring it down

March 8, I went to the streets of San Luis Potosi with thousands of girls and women to fight for our rights. Thank you, Virgin, for this experience full of love and power.

Itzayana, 2020

I give thanks to Saint Monica with this retablo because my husband never found out about my affair with Pascual, the gardener. He was very handsome and young, and I could avoid being taken by my instincts and passion taking advantage of my husband being out of town for work for some time. I do not regret, but I promise not to cheat again so I won’t put my marriage at risk.

Lucía R. \ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Caledonia Ruiz was giving birth and got scared by some villistas who were shooting. She prayed to the Virgin of the Solitude, and the baby was born well. She gives infinite thanks with this retablo.

Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, 1914

June 3, 2008, our son Cristobal E. Martinez Muñoz was born. During the pregnancy my wife had a high blood pressure, and because of that the baby didn’t grow and develop. My wife’s water breaks and they had to do the c-section at the seventh month. Our son was born before its due time, he weighted just 1280 gr. He was kept in incubator for 52 days till he gained enough weight and recovered his health. Then we promised to offer this retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking him for the miracle.

The Martinez Muñoz family
Cedral, San Luis Potosi, 18-01-2009

A grave illness hit the animals. I asked the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico to look after my animals. With all my heart, I entrusted my goats, piglets, chicken and asked to not lose our corn field. Since no animal died she thanks offering the present retablo.

Cipriana Garcia
El Progreso, S. L. P., November, 1954

On the Night of the Dead, our friends, my husband and I were going to the capital. We stopped to have a rest and to eat in a remote village in San Luis Potoci. We noticed there was a hall where the celebration was going on. So we decided to dance a little. But at the midnight all the inhabitants of the village turned into skeletons. We got scared and ran away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the dead men didn’t do anything to us.

June 24, 1909, on the Saint John’s Eve, my old man was coming back from the field and met a ghost of a hanged man. I thank Saint Augustine for protecting my old man and his donkey from such danger.

Charcas, S.L.P., 1909

Enrique Falcon M. and his wife Mercedes were passing by the pond at noon and saw an UFO flying over the mines at high speed. It was going around the mountains, and the spouses were scared. They played the Virgin of Zapopan. They offer this retablo as testimony.

San Luis Potosi — April 3, 1965

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Nicolasa Huerta gave birth to her baby who turned out to be dead. She asked Saint John of the Cross for a help, and her baby was back to live. She brings this retablo in sign of her infinite gratitude for this great miracle.

Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, 1909