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I give infinite thanks, with this humble retablo, to Saint Toribio Romo for having found a good family who hired me as a gardener and treats me very good. Being an illegal immigrant here in USA, I was very much worried about finding a good job. But now I’m very happy that I can send money back to my family in Mexico because they need it very much.

Eulalio Lopez ~ Los Angeles, California

I give thanks to Saint Monica with this retablo because my husband never found out about my affair with Pascual, the gardener. He was very handsome and young, and I could avoid being taken by my instincts and passion taking advantage of my husband being out of town for work for some time. I do not regret, but I promise not to cheat again so I won’t put my marriage at risk.

Lucía R. \ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The gardener Leopoldo Chavez asked the Holy Child of Atocha for a new lawn-mower, and the next day he found a pure gold ring. That’s how his dream came true for which he thanks with the retablo.

Alfonso Gonzales went to trim trees at the house of his master and found out that the master’s wife was putting horns on him. He informed the master right away. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for a nice remuneration he received for tipping off.

Teresa Mendoza had a fancy for her gardener. She always looked at him from her window and because of that she entrusted herself to the Virgin of San Juan. She thanks for keeping her away from this temptation because she is a married woman.

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