Saint Toribio Romo

Santo Toribio Romo

I give infinite thanks, with this humble retablo, to Saint Toribio Romo for having found a good family who hired me as a gardener and treats me very good. Being an illegal immigrant here in USA, I was very much worried about finding a good job. But now I’m very happy that I can send money back to my family in Mexico because they need it very much.

Eulalio Lopez ~ Los Angeles, California

My family and I crossed over into Arizona to meet up with my husband in Phoenix where he lived and worked. We ran out of water in one day and stopped at some ruins near Arivaca to rest. We were very sick from dehydration. Suddenly an old truck appeared out of nowhere. A man with blue eyes got out and gave us some water jugs and plastic bags of food. He told us the best road to take to Tucson and where to find help in our journey. I thank Saint Toribio for helping us survive our journey.

We wholeheartedly thank Saint Toribio Romo for helping my little brother and me to cross the border. We wanted to see our mother again, because few years ago she went to work in United States leaving us with our grandmother. Thanks to his divine mercy we survived the tough desert and can reunite with our mother again.

Teodoro y Jacinto Rios — Sonora, Mexico

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When I went to work as a cook to the United States, I missed traditional tacos al pastor more than every other food. I bring this retablo to Saint Toribio Romo with eternal gratitude for letting me open my own taqueria place which has got a big success as much with my compatriots as with the Americans.

Cosme Hernández \ Chicago, USA

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In search of better quality of life for our families, my brother Saul and I decided to go across the border as illegals. Unfortunately, our guide abandoned us in the Arizona desert. With all our faith, we were asking Saint Toribio Romo for protecting us. With his divine help we managed to cross the desert and saved our lives.

Rodrigo Esparza
Durango, Mexico

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