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Since my wife started her diet, she began sleepwalking at nights. She went to the kitchen and brought cookies, cakes and fruits in the bed. When she finished chewing this, she went to take more. In the mornings she thought it was me who brought all the food. She was very angry with me and didn’t believe me when I said it was her who brought everything. I thank the Virgin because my wife finished her diet because it didn’t work and she was even gaining weight instead. She stopped sleepwalking, and now I sleep calmly.

The father Macario Mendoza brings the present retablo to Saint Pascual Baylon thanking him for he got recovered from a bad typhus and now can enjoy again chiles en nogada made by the nuns of the convent.

Puebla, 1917

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When the Morales sisters were coming back from the market, they saw some martians in an alley. The martians said something with their high-pitched voices, and the sisters got very much frightened. They dropped their baskets and ran away. But their curiosity made them turn back and look in the alley. They saw the martians were very happy and eating. The sisters thank the Virgin for the extraterrestrials didn’t want to abduct them but were just hungry.

When I came to work to the Orozco’ house, I had a lot of troubles with Rosa who was the former cook. She got jealous because my dishes tasted better than hers. So she started to spoil my food. I thank Saint Paschal Baylon for the masters noticed it and scolded her before committing an injustice to me. Finally, I was left in peace.

Filomena Salazar \ Zacatlan, Puebla

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Nicolasa Ruiz offers this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon because he always helps her in kitchen and makes her food delicious.

Puebla, 1923

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Alicia Ramos brings the present retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon and thanks him for helping her to win the traditional cookies contest at the town day. Now she’s famous all over the state.

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I love spicy food, but my Conchita was always overdoing it by putting too much chili in her dishes. I asked Saint Paschal for his divine help because I couldn’t take the food so spicy any longer. Now my wife knows the right amount of chili.

Casiano Hernandez
Puebla, Mexico

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I bring the present retablo to Saint Pascual Baylon who helped me with my tortillas when my mother-in-law had to visit us. They came out well and didn’t burn. She loved my dishes, and I thank for that.

Gregoria Xicotencatl

Tlaxcala, Mexico

I prepared some delicious food for the diner because my husband’s boss and his wife were invited. But then some damned squirrels got into the house through the window and ate everything. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the dinner was canceled since the boss’ youngest son got sick with mumps.

The sisters of the Divine Mercy Congregation thank Saint Paschal Baylon with this retablo for their good sales of mole and chiles en nogada. They were selling food to collect money for the reconstruction of the convent damaged by an earthquake.

Puebla de los Angeles, 1958

The young man Humberto Ortiz thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for helping him to win the hamburger eating contest. He received a delicious price, although he got in the hospital after the contest.

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Elena Gutierrez and her boyfriend started to eat when her food went the wrong way and she began to choke. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan because another person who was eating there knew how to help her since her boyfriend was completely useless.

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Everybody loves my cooking. They always asked me what’s my secret. I always laugh but tell no one because it’s the little angels from the Virgin of San Juan who come to help me and give the last touch to my dishes—putting some salt, or some coriander, or parsley. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for this supernatural miracle of sending her angels to help me at the kitchen.

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