Saint Francis of Assisi

San Francisco de Asís

On September 19, 2017, there was a terrible earthquake in Mexico, and my brother was trapped under the debris of the collapsed building where he lived. But after few hours the dog Frida found him, and thanks to her his life was saved. I ask Saint Francis of Assisi, with this retablo, to protect and look after Frida and other rescue dogs who risk their lives to save ours at these catastrophes.

Magdalena S., Mexico City

Saint Francis of Assisi, thank you for this great crop of apples.

Yours sincerely, sr. Pedro Gomez-y-Miguel

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With great humbleness, I dedicate this ex-voto to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking those who support Linda Blair’s WordHeart Foundation. Blessed are those who help the animals because their love will return to them hundredfold.

I, Casimira Sanchez, thank Saint Francis of Assisi because my husband won the booby prize with me. Being so excited in the circus he didn’t even see that a dark black man who stayed near me touched my hand and that three our kids look like him.

Huimanguillo, Tabasco, 2011

I thank Saint Francis for giving my daughter the ability to communicate with birds. It’s amazing to see how the birds seek her and sit on her shoulders or in her hands or tangle in her hair, and she joins their twittering, and all together they make a harmonious symphony of friendship.

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Saint Francis, we thank you because we harvested all our crops and raised enough money to get married.

Maria and Benito
Puebla, Mexico, October 4, 1997

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We thank Saint Francis of Assisi for not letting our animal die at our ranch on that full moon night.

Daniel Perez and son
Queretaro, Mexico, 1914

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Victor and Cesar Martinez, we dedicate this to Saint Francis because we were fucking scared when that damned nagual appeared to us and gave us a tremendous chase. It even made us sober up and shit so tremendously that nothing could stop it. But now we are safe and healthy. We promise not to drink anymore.

San Francisco Chimapla, State of Mexico
October 4, 1990

The scientist Alejandro Castañedo thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for the good laboratory results in his research on scorpions, although he was stung few times.

When it’s very cold, I take my sheep and let them sleep in my bed to keep me warm. Beside the warmth I receive gratitude from them because they feel very comfortable in my bed. I thank Saint Francis because my sheep are so loving and docile.

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Susana R. and Joaquin C., domestic servants, were caught by their mistress while having sex on the pool springboard. They thank Saint Francis for they weren’t fired but just ordered to clean everything with bleach.

I thank Saint Francis of Assisi with this humble retablo because I fulfill my dream of opening my own shelter for stray and abandoned cats and dogs. I feel very much fulfilled helping them to find new families where they receive the love they deserved.

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One night my cat Kika ran away and stayed away for three days and three nights. I thank God, Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Francis of Assisi for helping me and bringing Kika back home.

Mariza Aparecida de Medeiros
Recife, Pernambucano, 13/03/20