Saint Francis of Assisi

San Francisco de Asís

Regino Suarez wanted to impress his neighbor and climbed a pole to save a cat. He’s infinitely thankful, with this retablo, to Saint Francis because he didn’t fell down, although he got scratched all over, but the girl granted him her friendship.

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Saint Francis, thank you for your favors. I remember when I met Damian he was a very timid boy. I told him that he has a baby-face, but it turned out that he was the same age as me. He was very shy, and when I talked with him he went beet red. One time some University fellows invited us to a party. Most of them brought their girlfriends. Damian asked me why I didn’t bring mine. I told him that I don’t like women. Then he said “What a coincidence, neither do I”. That’s how we became a couple. I thank for having fallen in love.

Osvaldo Gomez, 1966

I saw that a storm was about to start, and I ran to shelter the animals because my husband slept like a log. I got them under the roof but couldn’t ran to the house myself because a heavy rain with hail broke out. So I made myself comfortable among the animals, and I must confess, I have never slept so good as that nigh. I give thanks to Saint Francis because now when I really need to rest I come to sleep with them, as far as possible from my husband snoring.

I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for the tv-show “Ultraman”. When I was young, this program inspired me to be positive and to fight for what is right, even against overwhelming opponents.

Jaime Rodriguez, Mexico City

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Maria Jose thanks Saint Francis, saint patron of the animals, because, although Quintilliano died last year, she still enjoys the company of Kokoro, Pepino and Señor.

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Rosa Gutierrez brings the present retablo to Saint Francis thanking him because her doggy brought four puppies into the world. They are very cute, and she’s already found them homes.

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I was coming back from fishing in my boat when I accidentally got myself into a part of lake I didn’t know well. Suddenly I stumbled upon three huge crocodiles. I got very scared because I had nothing to defend myself. That’s why I implored Saint Francis of Assisi for help, and then, by a miracle, those dangerous animals went away. I give thanks for that.

Rufino Villanueva — Tabasco, Mexico

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Gumersinda Cañete’s heifer got sick with a bad indigestion. No remedy would help it, so she implored Saint Francis, and the heifer was cured. She brings this retablo giving thanks for such a particular favor.

Puebla, 1915

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Juan Puntes thanks to St. Francis for the fact that when he was walking and suddenly the local idiots began to burn plastic, Marat Guelman took him home. He did not inhale the poison.

Montenegro, 2015

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Victor C. and Cristina M. wanted each other very much, but they didn’t have money for the hotel so they made love in the pigeonry. They infinitely thank Saint Francis for nobody noticed them, although it wasn’t very pleasant because of too much pigeon poo.

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Nicandro Malfabon was a macho but he fell in love with his stable boy. He asked Saint Francis of Assisi to release him from this feeling or make so that the young man return his love to him. And he took him to his house.

October 1979, Cuquio, Jalisco
Nicandro Malfabon

On September 19, 2017, there was a terrible earthquake in Mexico, and my brother was trapped under the debris of the collapsed building where he lived. But after few hours the dog Frida found him, and thanks to her his life was saved. I ask Saint Francis of Assisi, with this retablo, to protect and look after Frida and other rescue dogs who risk their lives to save ours at these catastrophes.

Magdalena S., Mexico City

Saint Francis of Assisi, thank you for this great crop of apples.

Yours sincerely, sr. Pedro Gomez-y-Miguel

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