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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favours. It happened so that I got pregnant. I didn’t want another baby because I already have two. I told about this to my friend and she gave me a tea which was very effective according to her. After drinking it, I felt very sick for two days and I vomited right on the street. I went to a doctor, and he told me that I got poisoning. They immediately gave me an enema, and I got better. When the baby was born, he was very healthy by a miracle. I really didn’t want more children. I ask the Holy Child for forgiveness because I didn’t know who is the father and that’s why I wanted to abort the baby. I’m very sorry.

Sonia Guerrero

Juan Puntes thanks to St. Francis for the fact that when he was walking and suddenly the local idiots began to burn plastic, Marat Guelman took him home. He did not inhale the poison.

Montenegro, 2015

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for curing my wife from a grave intoxication.

Paolo Pedro de Araujo
Boca da Mata, Alagoas

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Holy Face of God, thank you for your favors. It happened that I got drunk and fell asleep. There was no light so I put a candle. The wind tossed the curtain to the candle, and it took fire. Then some plastic bags on the table took it as well. The fire got to the wooden floor, it started burning. Thanks to a young man who passed by and saved my life. I was only slightly intoxicated but pulled through.

Faustino Montoya
Mexico, 1985

Jose Ramos got food poisoning from strawberry jam which he used during sex with his girl. He almost kicked the bucket. He thanks Saint Elias with the present retablo because he has recovered, and he promises to be more careful.

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Señora Sara Muñoz Flores thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving my husband from dying when he ate some tacos and caught an infection from the bad meat and was about to die.

April 2, 1970

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Jasinta Ramirez was ordered to prepare some mole for the master’s wedding. The mole turned out very bitter. But she prayed Saint Paschal Baylon, and nobody notice it. She thanks the saint, although many people had diarrhea afterwards, nobody kicked the bucket.

Puebla, 1917

Rosito Lagaretta had a stomachache after eating his mother-in-law’s soup. He didn’t know she had tried to kill him and had poisoned the soup. When he found out about it, he asked Saint Cyprian for helping him get rid of his mother-in-law. One day she had a party and poisoned the orgeat syrup. But she was a fool to not know that Rosito doesn’t drink anything but beer. His mother-in-law and her daughter got drunk at the party and when they got thirsty they drank all the orgeat.

Now my wife rests in peace. I thank for her mother kicked the bucket alongside with her because I couldn’t stand her. She was treating me very badly.


Armando Mejia brings this retablo to Saint Martha for saving his life when he had a food poisoning after eating spoiled seafood in a restaurant.

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Thank you, Saint Charbel, for your help. When I was sleeping, I smelled some rag burning. I went to see what had happened. I came to my elder son Poncho’s bedroom. Turned out he feel asleep drunk with a lightened cigarette which put a mattress on fire. He couldn’t wake up because he was intoxicated with the smoke. Thank you, Saint Charbel, for letting me know.

Carlos Perez
Mexico City, 1967

The young Ernesto Sanchez was given a rotten sandwich. He had diarrhea for a few days, as a consequence. No remedy helped him. He thanks the Holy Child Doctor for his recovery.

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Pepe Zavaleta got food poisoning with shrimps and almost kicked the bucket. He thanks the Holy Child Doctor for saving his life and promises to be less gluttonous. He brings this retablo in gratitude.

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My dog was very hungry because with so many work to do I forgot to feed it. The animal pulled the mushroom soup on the floor and ate a lot of it. But afterwards it got sick. It seems there was a poisonous mushroom in the soup. I thanks Saint Paschal for the pet doctor gave serum and other medicine to the dog and saved the animal. Because the dog keeps my company and I love it very much—almost like my children.