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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favours. It happened so that I got pregnant. I didn’t want another baby because I already have two. I told about this to my friend and she gave me a tea which was very effective according to her. After drinking it, I felt very sick for two days and I vomited right on the street. I went to a doctor, and he told me that I got poisoning. They immediately gave me an enema, and I got better. When the baby was born, he was very healthy by a miracle. I really didn’t want more children. I ask the Holy Child for forgiveness because I didn’t know who is the father and that’s why I wanted to abort the baby. I’m very sorry.

Sonia Guerrero

Dulce Maria Morales’ mother-in-law doña Martiniana used to have anger attacks during which she seemed demoniacal. The father Ruperto told Dulce to pour holy water in the mother-in-law’s tea and to pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Some time later she changed. Dulce thanks Our Lady for her help.

Etla, Mexico, 1970

Whenever my husband has a gout attack, he becomes unbearable. He’s getting bored and asking me to bring him some absurd things to bed, and after a while he doesn’t need them anymore and asks me for other things. So I have to ran back and forth. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the herbalist gave me a tea which prevent the attacks. And even if they happen thy don’t last so much. I’m much ore happier when I don’t need to look after my husband for long time.

The Raquel Ramirez’ husband began to snore in a terrible manner. The poor woman couldn’t sleep for a whole week. Then she desperately prayed to the Virgin of the Rosary, and the merciful Virgin made the miracle. She made tea with the herbs prescribed by some nuns, and don Samuel stopped snorting eight days later. She thanks.

My husband used to work a little bit at the morning and then slept all day long. He wouldn’t work in his workshop, nor helped around the house which by the way needed a serious repair. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her I found some herbs that—as I was told—are very good for waking up. I began to prepare my husband some tea with these herbs every morning. He’s become so active, he works even at night now.

I took my children to visit my grand-mother. We were chatting with her so long so it was pretty late when we were ready to return home. We chose a short way—through the woods. It was very scary at night. It seemed that the trees had angry faces and the branches became long hands and they tried to catch us. The animals around us were crying and making scary noises. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us on our way. We arrived home safe and sound. At home, I made us some hot lime-flower tea in order to get over the fear.

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I thank my mother Leticia who healed my heart when I was sad with her knowledge and some tea with medical herbs.

With love, Itzayana

Gustavo Robledo thought that the tea made by his girlfriend was very strange. Then he found out it contained urine. He thanks Saint Raymond for noticing it in time and got rid of that crazy woman.

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My husband quit his job because he didn’t like it. However, instead of searching new one, he dedicated himself to sleeping all day long. We started spending our savings because the money I earned making cookies wasn’t enough. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her help my herbalist gave me herbal tea in leaves. I gave it to my husband every morning, and he has become very active. Now he has two jobs, and I thank the Virgin.

My husband started to kick and gesticulate in his sleep. Sometimes he even pushed me of the bed. I had no idea how to calm him down until one day my neighbor recommended to give him valerian tea with tequila. Now my hubby sleeps like an angel. I give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan.

My wife started to snore and I had no sleep for a few nights. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan and she mercifully heard my prayers. My wife was given some herbs for tea in the market and after that she stopped snoring. I give thanks for that.

Jesus Perez Rosas

Doña Marianna, the Dulce Maria Torres’ mother-in-law, used to fell into a rage quite often. She became literally devil-possessed. Father Luis recommended to Dulce to add some holy water in her mother-in-law’s tea and to pray to the Virgin. She thanks the Virgin of the Rosary because her mother-in-law changed.