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Juaquina Carrion ran into her old man sleeping and beat him up. She kicked him so bad she thought he’d die. She prayed the Virgin of San Juan and her old man got cured. She thanks for that although he keeps on loafing.

Puebla, 1920

My husband used to work a little bit at the morning and then slept all day long. He wouldn’t work in his workshop, nor helped around the house which by the way needed a serious repair. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her I found some herbs that—as I was told—are very good for waking up. I began to prepare my husband some tea with these herbs every morning. He’s become so active, he works even at night now.

One October night I woke up in fear and saw a red devil standing at the end of the bed. I was thinking he didn’t come for me because I’d been a good and kind woman. Then, he came for my husband who is lazy and drinks a lot. Since I wasn’t pretty sure and didn’t want to make a mistake, I prayed the Virgin for protection. I grabbed my rosary, and then the devil disappeared in the darkness. I thank the Virgin.

I bring this retablo to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for my son Euastaquio finally straightened his life up and found a job. He was already 35 years old, and he was doing nothing. I couldn’t support him any longer.

Candida Rosas, Oaxaca

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My neighbor was a lazy man. When his fence was broken he didn’t fix it, so his pigs went directly to my garden and ate my flowers. I was desperate seeing what those pigs were doing with my garden. I prayed to Saint Francis because no matter how hard I tried to kick them out they always came back. The saint made a miracle. The neighbor patched the hole in the fence and saved me from the pigs. I give thanks.

My son Arturo became a good for nothing hippy. He spent days reading big books and smoking marijuana. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan to amend his ways. Thank to her, although he’s still reading his books and smoking, he got a very good job and started wearing shoes.

I offer this retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman thanking him for my son Evaristo finally straightened his life up and found a job. He was already 35 years old, yet he did nothing but lay in the bed and listen his music. I couldn’t support him any longer.

Petra Carranza
Pachuca, Hidalgo

My husband quit his job because he didn’t like it. However, instead of searching another one, he dedicated himself to sleeping all day long. We started spending our savings because the money I earned making cookies wasn’t enough. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and thanks to her help my herbalist gave me herbal tea in leaves. I gave it to my husband every morning, and he has become very active. Now he has two jobs, and I thank the Virgin.

My friends used to criticize me for my husband was a lazybones hippy, who on top on everything painted our living-room in outlandish colors and patterns he used in his paintings. I was dying of embarrassment every time we received guests in our house. But one day one of my friends brought a rich lady to our house. And she fell in love with my husband’s paintings. She ordered him to paint and decorate her own house. So now my husband has become a great interior decorator. They write about him in the magazines. And my friends are all jealous now. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my husband’s talent.

My husband Tomas smoked marijuana, didn’t work and didn’t pay me any attention. So I prayed to Saint Barbara and she gave me enough courage to give him an ultimatum. It worked—now he’s working.

May 15, 1968

My son David became a good for nothing hippy. He spent days smoking stinking cigarettes. I suspect it was marijuana. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that she would bring him to reason. Thanks to her he got a scholarship in the capital. Now he’s a good man.

My son Arturo became a hippy. He didn’t study, didn’t work, and smoked weed all day long. I prayed the Virgin but she didn’t hear me. Then I asked Saint Michael the Archangel. He was touched by my sorrow, and some time later my son went to the University. Now he is not as dopey as before.

I thank St. Martin the Cavalryman with this humble retablo because my son Pascual finally straightened his life up and found a job. He was already 35 years old, and he didn’t do nothing, only listened his music. I couldn’t support him any longer.

Eleuteria Reyes, Mexico City