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Saint Sebastian, I thank you because I’m alright now after that tremendous beating a client gave me when he realized that I’m not a woman. He dragged me naked out of the hotel and whacked me. In that mortal danger, I implored you begging to save my life.

Armando “La Paola”
Tlalpan, Mexico City, May 12, 2000

Young Anselmo Aguilar was tired of his teacher constantly flunking him in physics for no reason. One day he got so angry, he threw the teacher down the stairs of the school. He gives thanks to Saint Francis of Paula for he was only kicked out of school and did not go to jail. He also did community service and paid medical expenses.

Rodrigo Meneses made bandits angry by not cooperating with them, and they tied him to the railway tracks. He fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because he was able to get out before passing of the train.

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We entrust the souls of these peasants to the Holy Trinity, take pity in them. They were hanged for joining the revolution like us who are keep on going hoping to defeat the evil government that imposes his law, hunger, poverty and death on us. Long live Emiliano Zapato! Death to Huerta! Long live revolution!

May 30, 1913
Xochimilco, Mexico

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The Gonzalez brothers were attacked in their own butcher shop but they were able to defend themselves, with Saint Jude’s help. They bring the present retablo for that, giving thanks and testifying about this great favor.

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In 1917, in the town of San Lucas, my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Catarino M.

— We’ve already paid!

The Son of Santo thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because on May 17, 2018, when he came back after a fight and saw some collectors behaving too haughty with his wife, he gave some boxing to those three collectors, until a neighbor started shooting.

May you be blessed, Lord of Chalma, for looking after me and saving from death when I was attacked by a robber outside my house. I had no money on me, and he wanted to kill me. Then, like a miracle, came my dog Tequila and bit him, and I could save my life.


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My Holy, I pray you to thank you. You gave me strength to find justice against my abusive husband. The law didn’t help me, but you did. Bless me, Holy Death, and please keep my secret safe.

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Gustavo Lopez was having a diner with his cousin when his girlfriend, crazy of jealousy, came and stab him in his neck with a broken glass. He fervently thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for his recovery and for that crazy broad was put behind bars.

I was left without a job and I couldn’t pay my rent. Then I got an idea to put sexy clothes on and to flirt with my landlord to make him forgive me the payment. I didn’t count, however, that he would be with his wife that day. When she saw me, she went furious. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma because the landlord managed to calm his wife and they didn’t kick me pit after this. I promise not to have such ideas anymore.

Silvia S. \ Campeche, Mexico

Sebastiana Garcia beat the crap out of her old-man who was a very irresponsible skirt-chaser and slacker. She thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo because her old-man amended his behavior.

Puebla, 1920

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Ramon Telles got drunk and went flirting with a girlfriend of a wrestler, but the wrestler kicked his ass. He thanks Saint Jude because he just got out of the hospital…