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Monica Rodriguez used to have a dream in which she was raped by a man. She prayed to Saint Marta, and the nightmare was gone. Now she sleeps calmly, and she brings the present retablo in gratitude.

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Gabriela Campos offers this retablo to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for protecting and looking after her family during an assault they suffered in the state of Jalisco and from which they escaped unharmed.

Atizapan, 2018

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1917, near de la Rosa ranch in Puebla, two farmhands had a bad idea to send me to the cemetery. I entrusted myself to the Virgin of San Juan and managed to save my life. I infinitely thank for that.

Macario Tecanguey

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Severino Rodriguez faced a martian who got into his room and defended my woman Gretta with a head-butt.

Mexico — December 9, 1980

Señor A. J. got an idea to get naked in front of the municipal president to protest. He was beaten and thrown in jail. He thanks Saint Ignatius of Loyola with this retablo for getting out and promises not to be so witty.

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The Jimenez mariachi band got in a fight with the Rodriguez mariachi band. They kicked each other well. They thank Saint Cecily for having settled their differences and promise not to be so gruff.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe in the name of all women in the world for those cowardly murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. With sadness in my heart, I ask you, My Mother, to accept their souls to the heaven, for the comfort of their families.

October 17, 2004

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How infinite those nights when you’re waiting your daughter who went for work. You’re waiting her to come back but she never will. Like many other women who were cowardly murdered here in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Every night I pray God to rest her soul here on earth and in his kingdom in heaven. We won’t forget them.

Not one more. Mother’s pain.
May 10, 2007

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June 3, 1928, I met two strangers near the ranch de la Tinaja. They tried to kill me. I entrusted myself to the Virgin of Zapopan, and she saved me. I bring this retablo in gratitude for this miracle.

Tizapan el Alto, Jalisco, August 1928
Jesus Feliz Salcedo

When Pablo came home he saw me chatting with some neighbors. He got angry and started spanking me with his belt. But I felt much more pain because Pablo though I was cheating on him. He yelled at me, cursing with horrible words, and threatened to leave me. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because he didn’t dump me and we live happily together.

You devoted son, R. C. P.
Mexico City, 1970

I was a very jealous man. My jealousy went to extremes when I saw my beautiful wife reading a letter. I thought it was from a lover. The demon of jealousy clouded my mind and made me take the gun and point it to my wife. But then I felt two small hands pulling the gun aside. Later I found out that the letter was from my wife’s grandmother. I realized it was the Virgin who sent a little angel to save me from this horrible crime. My wife forgave me for being such an idiot.

The brothers Pacheco, Luis and Susano, often fought. One day Guicho hit Chano in the head with their father’s drum. He thanks the Child of Atocha he wasn’t beaten to death.

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February 20, I was painting graffiti and was shot by don Jose, policeman. In this mortal danger I implored you to save my life, Virgin of Gudalupe. You saved me, and now I’m alright and hanging out.

Jorge de Jesus
March 9, 1999

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