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Tired of insults and abuse, Raquel Garcia grabbed her mother-in-law by the hair and beat her with a stick. She thanks Saint Pancras because the old lady didn’t kick the bucket and doesn’t bother her anymore.

Puebla, 1917

To our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask to forgive me for what I did when I found out that the priest abused my son. But since neither the church nor the government have done anything after so many similar cases, I did it.

Filomeno M., 13–11–2018

Lord of Chalma, I thank you for delivering me from dying being shot by my girlfriend’s father when he caught me painting a graffiti on his house. I was so fucking scared I got diarrhea that wouldn’t stop for fifteen days. Now I’m fine, and I promise not to do this again.

Angel V.
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, February 14, 1999

Jasinto and Juvencio, two twin brothers, were fighting to death over the inheritance left by their late parents. Their godfather Ramon Zalvan asked the Holy Child of Atocha to give them good sense, and the brothers divided the inheritance properly. They swear not to fight again and testify their oath with this retablo.

Zacatecas, 1937

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Eufemia Ortiz thanks for delivering her from the killer who was abusing and killing women in Guerrero district.

Mexico City, December 24, 1940

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I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe to help me to defend myself from my husband because he was always abusive and when he came home drunk he used to beat me. The Virgin inspired me to start practicing boxing. The other day when he came drunk, I put my gloves on and beat the crap out of him. Since then, he wouldn’t dare to hit me, and I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for that.

In 1917 in Chiautempan my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Jude because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Erasmo Ruis

Domitila Barrientos found a love letter on her old man and beat him up with a broom until he fell down on the floor. She gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel for he didn’t die because she made a mistake and the letter wasn’t to him.

Puebla, 1917

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Nayely thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for granting her her health after she was stabbed by a client when he was paying her. Now she’s back at this corner to work as a prostitute and she begs you wholeheartedly to protect her.


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Help me, Saint Jude, to correct the character of my wife Linda Ortiz.

Victor Paz

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Rafael Aguilar thought it’d be easy to rob passengers in a bus but they disarmed him and were going to lynch him. He thanks Saint Jude because the police arrived in time and saved him.

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We were going to Veracruz when we were attacked at the Aljibes station. We abandoned the trains because the railroads were mined by the people of Obregon. We continued our way riding horses brought the sierra of Puebla. There were almost a hundred of us, loyal to Carranza. When we met general Rodolfo Herrera he led us to Tlaxcalantongo so we could rest. But at the dawn we heard screams “Viva Obregon! Death to Carranza!” and there he died. I testify to what happened. I entrusted his soul to God and I thank for I could escape through the sierra.

Pedro G., May 21, 1925

When I came back from mass with my daughter, my husband, full of rage, began to beat me out of jealousy telling me “Whom you’re going to see dressed up so nicely with this shawl?” He kept on beating me without any reason. Suddenly he fell back when his leg got tangled in my shawl. He stood up asking forgiveness. He said someone had pulled him back. Here I testify the miracle made for me by the Virgin of the Shawl because now my husband loves me very much.

Señora Brijida M. G.
Zapopan, Jalisco, 2012