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Victor Peralta was painting the neighbor houses with graffiti. The neighbors got pissed off, tied him to a pole and showered him with paint. Victor thanks the Child of Atocha for nothing serious happened and promises to amend.

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I thank the Virgin of Montserrat for getting free from the police on November 9, 2005. I was arrested when I was painting a graffiti with my buddy.

Raul de Dios

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I thank the Archangel of the Neighborhood for the gentleman withdrew his complaint that my son was damaging his property. He was caught drawing graffiti on this man’s house. I was scared the police would do something with my son because of the manner in which they arrested him. I entrusted him, and the next day he got released. He payed for the damage learned the lesson what is the respect of the others’ rights means.

Teresa Molino
Santa Fe, Mexico City
November 2000

Carlos Rivera dedicates this retablo to Saint John Baptist de La Salle because many of his neighbors gave him permission to paint their houses with graffiti so he became a very famous and popular artist.