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I thank you, Virgin of Juquila, for delivering me from dying when I was attacked by two bastards on my way back after having walked my girlfriend home. They didn’t succeed in killing me thanks to the boys who ran over to defend me.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City, March 16, 1996

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Lord of Chalma, I thank you for delivering me from dying being shot by my girlfriend’s father when he caught me painting a graffiti on his house. I was so fucking scared I got diarrhea that wouldn’t stop for fifteen days. Now I’m fine, and I promise not to do this again.

Angel V.
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, February 14, 1999

Lord of the Miracles, I offer you this retablo so you’d protect my grandson from rats and not let them bite him when he stays at home alone because my daughter goes to work. I came to visit them and found my grandson crying. I scared the rats away. They didn’t hurt him, and I will be always grateful for that.

Grandmother Nicolasa
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, 2007

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for delivering me of this damaging situation. My wife left me for another man, I was looking to comfort myself with this vice. I was at the point of dying because she doesn’t love me anymore. Your devoted son.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City, 2009

Forgive me, God, for lacking respect for my father. When I came home on drugs, I tried to beat him, but realized what I was doing and stopped myself. I understood my mistake and I swear to not take drugs anymore. I follow his advice, and he forgot me and helped me to get out of this terrible sin.

Paco, Barrio Norte, 10 May 2000

Being under the influence of drugs, El Pancho took out his pistol and shot El Abel. Seeing him in danger of dying, we entrusted him to the Lord of Chalma, and he saved his life.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City
May 1, 2000

I thank the Virgin of Gudalupe for finding out about the viagra. I wanted doña Lucha for a long time, but because of my problem I couldn’t do anything. But now I’m feeling myself like a young guy, despite being 63 years old.

Felipe Luna
Norte, Mexico City
July 24, 2003