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I lost my vision because of an illness, and it depressed me greatly, since I live alone. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Lucy, with this humble retablo, for having a seeing-eye dog Spike. Apart from being my eyes when I go out, he’s also my best friend.

Roberto Hernandez \ Mexico City

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I got this great idea to propose to my Chabelita in a trajinera-boat at Xochimilco. I thought it would be very romantic. But then I got so nervous I slipped and I fell into the lake. I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because I didn’t lose the ring—it fell inside the boat—and, despite this embarrassing moment, my fiancée said “yes” and made me very happy.

Genaro Roldan, Mexico City

Holy Virgin of Juquila, thank you for saving my life during a heavy earthquake. Everything began to fall, but the Virgin took pity on me, and I came out safe and sound.

Ana Gomez Villanueva
Tlalpan, March 13, 1953

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I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus for helping me to keep my great secret that in reality it’s my wife who is the boss in our house and I’m just a henpecked husband. If it became known, it would damage my tough image among the fans and I’d be a joke for my fellows wrestlers. That’s why I bring this humble retablo.

The wrestler Black Storm \ Mexico City

Nayely gives infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because her husband didn’t find out that she cheated on him in this hotel with his boss and saved him in this way from being thrown to jail for crashing his boss’ car. She asked for forgiveness, but she did it out of love for her husband.

January 25, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico City

We thank Saint Sebastian for making our relationship official before the society, without hiding it anymore, and for living it with happiness that we both wished for.

Luisa and Ana
Col. Condeza, Oct. 2016

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I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint John Bosco for allowing me to successfully combine my two jobs. In the morning, I’m a respectful teacher in a prestigious school, and at night, I participate in a famous drag queen show, and I very much enjoy those both jobs.

Emilio N. Mexico City

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I very much love going to the wrestling. But the other night, after the performances, I decided to pass through a deserted alley. Suddenly a robber jumped on me and grabbed my bag. I thank Saint Rita of Cascia because my idol the Eagle Prince was passing by. He heard my screams and ran to help me. He caught the robber, and now I admire him even more.

Lolita Gallardo, Mexico City

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for giving my son Paco another chance to live and to bring him health, granting the favor that I asked you for, with all my mother love. Now he’s living his life again, after getting out from the hospital and coming back home on December 12. Today, December 24, I bring you this retablo as I promised you. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all the children of the world!

Ajusco mountains, Mexico City

Unrested souls sometimes appear in don Pepe’s canteen. They drink, dance and sing. You, Virgin of Guadalupe, please make them rest in peace or make them dance and do their rowdy parties somewhere else. The people got used to this and say: there is mezcal for everything good, and for everything bad, as well, and if there’s no remedy, a liter and a half would help. And don Pepe says: the dead into the pits, the living to enjoy. Holy Virgin, let them rest.

Tultepec, state of Mexico

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Clementina Arrollo thanks Saint Agnes because Eligio has taken responsibility for his morning mischief and wishes that I would always have milk. He promised that one of these days he would leave his wife and six kids for me.

Mixcoac, June 7, 1957

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I promised you if I’d come back to work in the circus I’d order you this retablo. Now, thanks to you, I’m giving you thanks and dedicate this performance to you, after an illness that kept me away from the circus, which is my passion, for more than a year.

The Flying cyclist, December 12, 1995
Mexico City, Long live the circus!

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Pedro, with few tequilas in his head, stabbed his buddy because of a calumny, as he was told that his buddy was having love affairs with his wife. When he found out the truth, he repented and implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to save his buddy’s from dying promising to offer a retablo. Now I keep my promise because he forgave me and we are friends again. We give thanks.

Tacubaya, Mexico, October 2, 1963