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I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice for I left this disgraceful life I led before suffering insults and abuse from authorities and putting my health in danger. You sent me a man who met me and found out about my past. He fell in love with me and me too. We got married and live very happily.

Margarita, La Doña before
It happened here in Merced, Mexico City

In memory of that morning of September 19, 1985, when an earthquake shook the Mexico City. I know if God let me live it was to save people and help the others. That’s why I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus who interceded for me, and I’m dedicating this for those who were in those Juarez apartment buildings and for those who aren’t with us anymore. I’m here to tell about it.

Grateful chilango, 19–09–2014

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Thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus because he made possible the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of North-American United States. To celebrate his election and the MLK birthday, I dance and sing with mariachi at the Paseo de la Reforma near the American embassy.

Gabrielle Civil, January 24, 2009

I wholeheartedly thank the Holy Child of Atocha because when I was a little boy I met the great Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Chespirito. Don Roberto’s fabulous talent gave to Hispanic America unforgivable characters like Chavo from the 8, Red Grasshopper, Chompiras and many others that played an important part in the childhood of many people.

Jasinto Romo, Mexico City

I, Agustin Chavez, pay with this exvoto thanking for the Martian prostitute didn’t do me any harm. Although she’s not from this planet, she was pretty hot and very good in kissing.

Mexico, 1983

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for saving me from dying of COVID-19. I asked you to grant me health and you did it. Protect all the doctors who are fighting to save lives in the hospitals.

Sr. Moises
Mexico City, May 2020

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Augustine to honor the long and marvelous career of Christopher Lloyd. His many characters have brought joy and inspiration to millions of people, especially his role of Doc Brown in “Back to the Future”.

Rodrigo Vega \ Mexico City

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I, Montse Rios, give infinite thanks to the Souls for possessing my cat and telling me that the pie I cooked for my boyfriend Hector was burning.

Mexico City, 2019

Holy Child of Atocha, I thank you for granting me the miracle of healing my husband from this COVID-19 contagion.

Grateful wife L.G.M.
Mexico City, June 7, 2020

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because Hugo isn’t angry with me anymore because “Chivas” (“Goats”) won 1–0–0 over “Cruz Azul” (“Blue Cross”), and he returned to me, and we’ve just celebrated 6 months together. I gave him a player Kikin t-shirt because it doesn’t matter to me if he’s so irritable, I love him as he is, and I don’t care what people say.

Perla, “Goat” in heart
Mexico City — June 2, 2006

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Lord of Chalma, I thank you for delivering me from dying being shot by my girlfriend’s father when he caught me painting a graffiti on his house. I was so fucking scared I got diarrhea that wouldn’t stop for fifteen days. Now I’m fine, and I promise not to do this again.

Angel V.
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, February 14, 1999

Saint Jude Thaddeus, I’m going to thank you for delivering me from a difficult situation and for I was able to hide in time so my buddy didn’t catch me with his wife in his bed. I offer you this because he never found out that we were putting horns on him. I swear I won’t do it again. Forgive me because the body is weak.

Tacubaya, Mexico City, May 28, 1989

By the medium of this exvoto, I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus for the genius of David Cronenberg and his vision of “The Fly”. It’s one of my favorite movies and I’m always surprised by the strange beauty of this horror film.

David Romo — Mexico City