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I thank my Holy Virgin for having given me strength and power to defend myself from my buddy Alberto Cruz when he wanted once again to take advantage of me while my husband was completely drunk.

Yesenia Dante, Mexico City

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I found a job as a stripper. Thanks to that I can support my children. You know I do it not because I like it but out of necessity. And I ask you to protect me in such a tough profession.

Guadalupe “The Cute”
La Merced, Mexico City – June 17, 1995

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Thank you, Virgin, for saving me and my little son Pedrito during this difficult delivery.

Maria Sanchez, November 21, 1992
Mexico City — Thank you, Virgin.

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I was coming back from the Xochimilco market in my boat feeling very happy because I had bought at a very good price five beautiful piglets to start breeding pigs with. My boat was old and quite damaged, so it started drowning because of the big weight. My piglets and I started drowning also. Thanks to the miracle of the Virgin of Zapopan—whom I’m very devoted to—we managed to float until we were saved by a tourist trajinera-boat. Although I lost my boat, I’m grateful that we are still alive and didn’t drown.

Señora Raquel thanks the Virgin of San Juan because her son was born safe and sound and she’s feeling well after a tremendous hemorrhage caused by his birth.

The Sanchez family
Mexico City, January 6, 1985

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for getting well through this dangerous sex-changing surgery. Although I was born as a man but always felt as a woman inside. Now I’ve became one. With my parents’ support, it doesn’t matter what people say.

Alejandro “La Jasmin”
Condesa, Mexico City
December 12, 2013

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Virgin of San Juan, the clown Poco-Loco (“Slightly Crazy”) wants to thank you for the triumph of his show and because his elephant that was dying is alright now.

Mexico City, November 2, 2000

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Señor Daniel and his son Pablo thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving them her support and helping to go on crossing the Arizona desert and arriving to U.S. to fulfill their American dream and earn some money to support their family.

January 25, 1985, Mexico City

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With the tears of happiness and hope, I thank the Brown-skin girl from Tepeyac because she granted me a possibility to see with my own eyes His Holiness John Paul II, at my 90 years. Let his message touch the hearts of all Mexicans and their rulers so this country would be the Paradise of the new century.

Mexico, the end of millennium

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you because I survived after being attacked by the lion. That dangerous moment I entrusted myself to you and you protected me. Now I’m alright and keep working in the circus.

Vicente Perez
April 30, 1990, Mexico City

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Saint Sebastian, may you be blessed because Jesus forgave me for not saying him that I’m a transsexual. He is back, even we would never have children.

Pedro «The Charisma»
Mexico City — November 28, 1995

Blessed Heart, thank you for giving us the opportunity of meeting each other, finding our happiness and living it together such as we are.

Condeza, Mexico City
May 17, 2000

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you. When I was left without a job and needed money to support my family, I took my guitar and went to sing to the street protected under your mantle. Thanks to you the things have been going well. WIth this retablo I thank you for everything.

Victor Martinez — Mexico City, December 12, 1990

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