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Marcelo “El Torito” Dominguez thanks Saint Charbel for having won the boxing championship in light heavyweight. The saint has been giving him his divine help since the beginning of his career in the Tepito neighborhood. He brings this humble retablo for that.

Mexico City

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Forgive me, God, for lacking respect for my father. When I came home on drugs, I tried to beat him, but realized what I was doing and stopped myself. I understood my mistake and I swear to not take drugs anymore. I follow his advice, and he forgot me and helped me to get out of this terrible sin.

Paco, Barrio Norte, 10 May 2000

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Jesus Christ, thank you for your favors. I thank because my grandson returned alive from the war in Vietnam. I also thank for my grandson came to visit me in Mexico. It might be a last time I see him because I feel very tired and my health is bad.

Margarita Galindo
Mexico City, 1976

I was taking a customer one day, and he forgot his suitcase with documents and cash in my taxi. When I noticed it I ran out looking for him. Finally I found him and returned him his suitcase untouched. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas of Bari thanking him for being rewarded for my honesty with money by that mister. I used this money to fix my little car which is my work instrument.

Delfino Buendia, Mexico City

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Virgin, thanks a million for I finally got my freedom.

El Cabeza (The Head)
November 3, 2015, Chalco

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Candido Gomez dedicates the present retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping me to find a better job. He used to work as a mascot for pizzeria wearing the pizza costume which was very hot, so he fainted a lot, and, beside that, the dogs were constantly barking at him. Now he has a much quieter job.

Mexico City, 1996

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I dedicate this ex-voto to the Holy Heart of Jesus thanking for my wife never found out the truth why I had a heart attack. I used to spy at nights on my sister-in-law when she went to sleep. She stripped herself down and took photos with her phone. I was so turned on my heart couldn’t take it anymore. Now I’m fine, and I don’t regret. I enjoyed it all and no one will take it from me because this damn broad is hot.

The Voyeur
Coyoacan, Mexico City, 2002

Being under the influence of drugs, El Pancho took out his pistol and shot El Abel. Seeing him in danger of dying, we entrusted him to the Lord of Chalma, and he saved his life.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City
May 1, 2000

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May you be blessed, Virgin of the Conception, for saving me from dying in that terrible crash when I was returning from Puebla.

Timoteo Carmona
10th May 1952
Mexico — bless my way

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Vulmaro Ramirez thanks with this retablo for saving him from the attack of the crocodile girl who got in my house and scared me.

Mexico, July 11, 1974

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because she finally worked the miracle of delivering me from these terrible nightmares in which I was being raped by the demons. Thanks to my prayers to the Virgin now I sleep peacefully.

Isabel Benitez
Mexico City, 1953

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I found my daughter and didn’t let her to become a bad woman. Now she studies.

Merced, Mexico City – December 12, 1960

I, Maria, give thanks to Saint Sebastian because now I’m feeling better. I was beaten by two men after I refused to go in the hotel with them.

February 10, 2000
Merced, Mexico City

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