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I thank you, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, for choosing this place to reign with your blessings since that morning of December 5, 1531, when you appeared with your divine message to that Indian the Blessed Juan Diego. We worship you with love, faith, hope and care ever since.

Mexico, Tenochtitlan

With the promise “to be together till death do us apart” the boy Marquitos and his father Jose Antonio Villaseñor took off from Mexico with the illusion of prosperity. In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, together with 70 others people without documents, they got in the trailer of a truck going to Houston, Texas. After few hours of terrible agony, they were found hugging each other but with no life in them like 11 others Mexicans and 5 more Latin Americans. They all died asphyxiated and dehydrated. They were left without mercy by the mean smugglers in the town of Victoria, south of Houston. Morning of May 14, 2003, when I heard these painful news, I entrusted their souls to the Holy Virgin of the Solitude and the Lord of Chalma. I also ask to protect those who escaped the death.

Alfredo Vilchis Roque, Mexico City, 2003

Señora Antonia Maldonado suffered from faints. It happened that during one of this she seemed to see the devils abducting her daughter. She prayed the Virgin with all her heart, and the Virgin made the miracle of stopping these visions and curing her of this illness.

Mexico City, 1942

I, Estefania Aldama, declare that on June 25, 1937, I was giving birth completely alone. In such hard condition I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe with all my heart so she would take care of me and my baby. The Virgin showed me her mercy, and I give thanks to her with this retablo.

Mexico City, 1945

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With this humble exvoto I ask the Holy Child Football player so that everything would go well for our national team at the world championship in Russia. So that we wouldn’t end up with penalties, and Ochoa would take everything, and Chicharito wouldn’t fail us, and they wouldn’t penalize us—like in case with Robben when there was no foul—and so we would stay at least till the fifth game to bring some joy to our very devastated Mexico.

Cuahutémoc Márquez \ México

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. My lover and I were going to lie in bed when suddenly somebody knocked on the door. I told my lover to hide himself and went to open. It was my partner who came back. Turned out that the cabaret where he had been working as a bartender was shut down. He told me he had drunk a little bit with his pals. He was drunk and he didn’t notice my lover Adrian. The moment my partner wasn’t looking, Adrian managed to escape.

Claudio Venegas
Mexico City, 1962

Nicolasa Gutierrez brings this retablo to Saint Jerome thanking him for his help because she is doing well at her job and earn enough to support her kids and her pimp-pachuco.

Mexico, 1949

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Señora Dionicia thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for arriving home in time so she could save her son from hanging himself because he had problems in the school.

February 10, 1975

To the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe and to Saint Jude Thaddeus I offer this retablo so that they would help and protect the scavengers from the Bordo de Xochiaca dump where they bring waste and garbage from all over my city, the biggest in the world. In order to survive, they earn their living with dignity. I understood there’s no undignified job but undignified people. Remember that.

Alfredo Vilchis Roque
Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo
Mexico City — September 24, 2009

The pre-hispanic dancers Casimiro and Pancracio Perez dedicate this humble retablo to the Brown-skin girl from Tepeyac, Our Lady of Guadalupe for granting them health to be able to express their faith and visit her in her Basilica every December 12.

Mexico City

With all my heart, I ask the Holy Lord of Chalma with this retablo so that my son would never find out about my past and what I used to do before he was born. I was posing nude for some men magazines. And if he found out, let it be when he’s grown enough to understand the reasons why I did it.

Karen M., Mexico City

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Marcelo “El Torito” Dominguez thanks Saint Charbel for having won the boxing championship in light heavyweight. The saint has been giving him his divine help since the beginning of his career in the Tepito neighborhood. He brings this humble retablo for that.

Mexico City

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Forgive me, God, for lacking respect for my father. When I came home on drugs, I tried to beat him, but realized what I was doing and stopped myself. I understood my mistake and I swear to not take drugs anymore. I follow his advice, and he forgot me and helped me to get out of this terrible sin.

Paco, Barrio Norte, 10 May 2000

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