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When I was very young, I had a beautiful experience of meeting Pedro Infante in person. He was shooting a movie in a few blocks from my house. Every day I was going to look him acting, and one day, after the filming, he came to me and gave me his sombrero. I thank Saint James the Apostle for having lived this moment which I never forget and for having this memory about my idol.

Teresita Islas \ Mexico City

Saint Sebastian, I thank you because I’m alright now after that tremendous beating a client gave me when he realized that I’m not a woman. He dragged me naked out of the hotel and whacked me. In that mortal danger, I implored you begging to save my life.

Armando “La Paola”
Tlalpan, Mexico City, May 12, 2000

When this terrible tragedy happened in New Your on September 11, 2001, my husband was going to work at the Twin Towers. When I saw the news on TV, I thought I wouldn’t see him ever again. But the Virgin of Guadalupe worked a miracle and few days later I received a word that he was alright.

Leonora Reves M.
Mexico City, October 2001

We, Alahn Santiago and Marco Luis Mendez, pay with this retablo giving thanks for we love each other immensely and live happily in our house, in spite of other people’s prejudices about us. However, it didn’t prevent us from living our love.

Mexico City, 2021

We give thanks to the Holy Lord of Chalma for getting my son Jose Juan through a dangerous heart surgery when he was between life and death.

The Gonzalez family
Santa Fe, Mexico, April 27, 1985

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Blessed Christ, stop and end this damned coronavirus pandemic that has caused so much damage. Deliver us from the evil here on earth and in the heaven as well. Let us earn our daily bread and live our life without forgetting those who have died. I beg you for those who stay here and for the entire world. A humble neighborhood painter Alfredo Vilchis Roque asks you.

Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo, Mexico City
July 20, 2020, From Mexico to the World

Martha Larios and Leonora Perez are very grateful for living together and very happy, in spite of public shaming. You gave us strength to go on and show that we love each other.

CDMX, 2021

Virgin of San Juan, I’m eternally grateful and dedicate you the present retablo for saving me from losing my left titty. It wasn’t cancer, and I avoided a surgery.

Señora Juana P.
Tacubaya, Mexico City, May 10, 2015

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I’m going to thank Our Lady of the Solitude for sending me a cure from a horrible disease that I carelessly caught from a client. Finding myself in such a bad condition, I implored the Virgin, and now I’m back to work honestly as a whore at this corner that feeds me.

Julia Barrera — Merced, Mexico City, 2001

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I give my thanks to the Holy Lord of Chalma for giving me another chance after I had caught COVID-19 on the street. When I was in mortal danger I entrusted my health to you, and now I’m here to give thank for your favor.

Tomas R.
Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, May 12, 2020

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I thank the Holy Cross because we were drinking on its holiday and thanks to that we avoided the metro accident.

Maik, 3/5/21

~ Mexico City Metro overpass collapse

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I’m not gossiping, I’m just a communicative person.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because this gossiping Lucha stopped insulting me. I, Maria de los Angeles, from Mexico City, 2000.

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I thank you, Saint Isidor Laborer, for pulling the rains off our neighborhood and for I could close the gate to my hallway to protect my house from the deluge in our block, as it happened with my neighbor who couldn’t celebrate her niece Michelle’s first communion because of that.

A grateful Mexican
Cuautepec BB, Mexico City, August 2014