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Jessica Perez thanks the Souls of the Purgatory beaus her old man Hugo didn’t see Sancho Pepe under the bed. She pays for that with this retablo.

Polanco, 1983

I dedicate this retablo in honor of the Queen and Patroness of Mexico in the memory of that sad morning of September 19, 1985, when I was surprised by a strong earthquake while going to take a cup of coffee in “Super Leche”, I was crossing the Central Avenue Lazaro Cardenas when I drop my wallet at the lights. I came back to pick it up, and here it happened, and the Virgin of Guadalupe saved my life in this way. It was 20 years ago, and here I tell about your miracle. May you be blessed.

Salvador P. G., I was 20 years old
Central District of Mexico City
September 19, 2005

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El Santo thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for winning the wrestling championship.

January 11, 1979, Arena Mexico

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Señor Dionicio thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his agaves gave a lot of pulque. He sold it and got money to support his family. He gives many thanks for this favor, and he asks you, from his heart, to always protect them so they would never lack anything in case he’d be gone.

January 25, 1980

Tlahuac, Mexico City

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I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for the tv-show “Ultraman”. When I was young, this program inspired me to be positive and to fight for what is right, even against overwhelming opponents.

Jaime Rodriguez, Mexico City

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The mariachi “Voices of Mexico” dedicate this humble retablo, with great faith and devotion, to Saint Cecily for having a lot of work because the tourists who came to the Garibaldi Sq. are very fond of their music and hire them to brighten up their Mexican nights.

Mexico City

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I thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my idol The Silver Arm held his world champion title by winning Silver King in two of three matches.

Alejandro R. Tacubaya, Mexico City
September 2, 1992

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One night in the month of May, I was preparing meal to celebrate my wedding anniversary. I decided to make a tortilla soup, although I didn’t know how to cook it. Some time later I didn’t know should I let the soup boil any longer or not. When I lost my hope, I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal Baylon. In his infinite mercy, he enlightened me, and I managed to prepare the soup by leaving it boil just the right time.

Sandra Perez, Mexico City, 2015

I dedicate this retablo to the Brown-skin Mother because, although I’m ugly, I’m a big hit with my clients. I have a lot of work, and I already brought my mommy from the village. We live very well, and I pray to stay safe and healthy every night.

Sagrario Ortiz — Mexico City, 2004

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I thank Saint Benedict for helping me to keep my great secret that in reality it’s my wife who is the boss in our house and I’m just a henpecked husband. If it became known, it would damage my tough image among the fans and I’d be a joke for my fellows wrestlers. I bring this humble retablo.

The wrestler Black Storm ~ Mexico City

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With the humble exvoto, I’d like to thank Saint Pancras because the talented actress Adrienne Barbeau did an excellent job in the classical movie “Escape from New York” in which she portrayed women who, apart from being beautiful, are also strong.

Samuel Tapia, Mexico City

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Take fresh hot bread, salty, sweet and with butter.

I offer this exvoto to Saint Jude Thaddeus as dispensation for having broken my promise not to eat sweet pastry. I beg his pardon because if not it’d be easier for me to change my religion then to give up pastry. I beg for pardon doña Conchita Madalena whom I’ve promised to have a great body this year.

2021, Mexico City

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I thank Saint Valentine because Sonia agreed to marry me when I proposed to her while having a threesome.

D. G. C. 14–Feb.–2009, Mexico City